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GPS with high sensitivity mode works with Bluetooth-capable PDA or laptop

Bluetooth GPS Receiver

Travelers in unfamiliar areas can now find their way easily with the Bluetooth GPS Receiver from Belkin. Designed to connect quickly to your PDA or laptop, the Belkin Receiver displays your position in real time. It shows your progress as you travel, illustrating your current location in relation to your destination.

The Bluetooth GPS Receiver from Belkin offers advanced features, unique among competing GPS receivers. Belkin includes navigation software for which other GPS device manufacturers require a separate purchase. Designed to indicate your speed, direction of travel, elevation, latitude, and longitude within 10 meters, the Belkin Receiver software covers any city in the US and Canada. It quickly identifies your current position as well as a destination or point of interest. Routes can be calculated and viewed immediately, and automated voice prompts instruct when and where to turn.

The Receiver also features a high-sensitivity mode, which allows it to function in previously inaccessible environments, such as severe urban canyons, parking garages, through dense foliage, multilevel freeways and, in many cases, indoors.

Another differing benefit of the Belkin Receiver is its support of both Pocket PC and Windows devices.


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