Yenra : Medical : Blue Laser : Gaussian beam with excellent pointing stability for bioinstrumentation and medical equipment applications

Blue Laser

Furukawa Electric has made a production release of their 488nm SHG blue laser suitable for bioinstrumentation and medical equipment. Furukawa Electric has established high performance and highly reliable optical technologies and experiences for optical telecommunication applications. Now they have introduced this blue laser product. Furukawa Electric is going to expand product portfolio in bio and medical areas, including devices, equipment, and instruments.

The market for 488nm blue laser is growing. It is used for several applications in biomedical field like analytical equipment, cell analysis by fluorescent microscope, and DNA analyzers. Furukawa Electric started development of 488nm blue laser using semiconductor laser and wavelength conversion device and overcome these problems. Furukawa Electric is the market leader of 1480nm and 980nm semiconductor pumping laser diode for the telecommunication. Those technologies are successfully deployed in this product. Furukawa made the official release of this blue laser product after they received positive feedback from our potential customers in the sampling stage. They are going to exhibit and demonstrate this blue laser in CLEO 2004 to be held at San Francisco in May.

488nm SHG laser contains two smart technologies of fiber coupled 976nm source and SHG device. Fiber bragg grating (FBG) stabilized 976nm semiconductor laser with polarization maintaining fiber output is used for initial light source. Reflectivity of FBG has been carefully tuned to control the longitudinal mode of laser oscillation then stable wavelength conversion has realized with SHG device. This simple configuration enabled us to reduce number of components with high reliability. Converted 488nm light is coupled to single mode fiber so the ideal gaussian beam with excellent pointing stability has been realized.

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