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Bird House Kit

The Home Depot Bird House Kit - This small and very simple birdhouse makes a satisfying woodworking project, and requires just a hammer and a Phillips-head screwdriver to complete. Seven precut and predrilled pieces of wood are included, as are all the screws and nails you'll need. No decorating supplies are included, but suggestions for painting, staining, or varnishing are included with the assembly instructions.

Birdhouse Builder's ManualBirdhouse Builder's Manual - Review: "I found this to be an outstanding book, with complete, easy to follow directions. I have built several of the birdhouses in the book with much success. The photos of Mr Grodskis other birdhouse works of art are inspiring as well. Someday I hope to go see his Birdhouses on Long Island in person. I Highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in wookdworking,from beginner to advanced."

The Bird House Book : How to Build Fanciful Bird Houses and Feeders, from the Purely Practical to the Absolutely Outrageous - Treat the feathered visitors to your yard to comfortable places to stay by building bird houses designed to suit birds' needs as well as delight the human eye. Choose from more than 30 fantastic projects, including a rustic natural looking abode covered in tree bark, a whimsical Sky-Way toll booth, an elegant colonial townhouse, an adobe Pancho Villa, and an outrageous Fly-By-Night Motel. Different types of birds have different housing needs, and a handy chart will make it easy to choose the right residence for a favorite species. A robin, for example, prefers an open-sided roofed box like the colorful Noah's-ark-inspired Ship of Fowls, while a barn owl; needs the large, enclosed space provided by the farm-fresh Owl Barn. Six feeder projects are also included, allowing you to transform your yard into a true avian bed and breakfast. Make a simple Picnic Pagoda, an eye-catching roadside diner, or an elegant gazebo. Learn to discourage unwanted guests like cats, raccoons, and squirrels from abusing your hospitality, and find out what types of food attract which bird species. Whether hung in the backyard, displayed indoors, or given as gifts, these fun-to-make bird houses are guaranteed to be a hit with birds and humans alike.

Birdhouse BookThe Ultimate Birdhouse Book: 40 Functional, Fantastic and Fanciful Houses to Make for Our Feathered Friends - Many of us have tried at one time in our lives to construct some kind of rudimentary birdhouse, or at least imagined doing so, whether we ever actually saw the thing through to completion and had feathered residents move in. For everyone who has even a slight interest in the idea, this book will surprise and delight. From the most basic box to some extraordinarily elaborate constructions, the sheer variety and inventiveness of some of the designs described in hundreds of full-color photographs will provide lively inspiration. And once inspired, the detailed plans and instructions will get the reader started with the right tools and materials.