Yenra : Safety : Biosensors : Portable multi-use magnetic biochip technology to be used for animal diagnostics, food processing, and environmental testing


Seahawk Biosystems has received a strategic technology development and investment contract from In-Q-Tel for development of a multi-use biosensor.

Seahawk's new biosensor is based on magnetic biochip technology developed and patented by the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL). In addition to sales to the national security market, Seahawk plans to introduce the biosensor to the companion animal diagnostics market. The biosensor will allow veterinarians the unprecedented ability to assess a pet's need for revaccination as well as detect multiple diseases right in their own clinic, in real time, reducing the time and expense for veterinary care. Under the license with NRL, Seahawk can extend its revolutionary technology to other diagnostics markets such as equine and livestock, food processing, and environmental testing.

"Seahawk is a great example of a company leveraging dual-use technology," said Gilman Louie, CEO of In-Q-Tel. "With the introduction of Seahawk's sensor to the commercial market, defense and intelligence customers will be able to buy this sensor off the shelf as well."

Seahawk's biosensor supports both antibody and DNA/RNA tests, making it more versatile than other biosensors currently available. The biosensor is more compact, portable, and affordable than competing systems that are based on optical detection. In most cases, the costly and time consuming steps of amplification and enrichment are significantly minimized, and are often totally eliminated.

In-Q-Tel identifies and invests in companies developing cutting-edge technologies that serve the United States' national security interests.

Seahawk Biosystems commercializes patented, innovative biosensor technology.