Yenra : Shopping : Pay by Touch : Sliding a finger on a biometric authentication scanner lets consumers securely identify themselves to make online purchases

Pay by Touch

Pay By Touch Online is a new payment and identification service that gives online shoppers a fast, easy, and secure way to identify themselves and make purchases on the Internet. The biometric solution increases security and convenience at the same time.

"By offering the security and convenience of finger scan authentication on laptops and PCs, Pay By Touch Online will rebuild confidence in the safety of online transactions and accelerate e-business overall" said DEMO's Chris Shipley

"Pay By Touch Online uses innovative technologies such as finger identification, encryption and secure data centers to provide the necessary multiple layers of authentication and security that haven't existed until now in one service -- making it the safest and most convenient way to log-in and pay" said Jon Siegal of Pay By Touch Online

Pay By Touch Online provides three services: Express Sign-In, Multi-factor Authentication, and Express Checkout.

Express Sign-In allows users to quickly and securely log onto Web sites they commonly use with a fast and simple one-touch process. The shopper simply slides a finger across the scanner on his/her computer to login. If a positive identification is made, the Web site instantly signs the person in without requiring him to remember, type, and transmit the username and password -- eliminating a major source of frustration.

The biometric authentication system supplies all three factors of authentication: something the user has: the scanner; something the user knows: a password; and something the user is: the finger image.

Express Checkout allows people to quickly and securely pay for purchases on Web sites through a fast and simple one-touch process.

As with Express Sign-in, the user slides a finger across the scanner on his computer when ready to checkout online. If a positive identification is made, the system accesses the shopper's Pay By Touch wallet, which contains existing payment information (credit cards, signature debit cards, and eChecks), shipping information and frequent shopper account information. Once a payment method is chosen, Pay By Touch and the online store securely complete the transaction ensuring that no sensitive financial information is transmitted from the computer.

This payment system diminishes fears and increases customer satisfaction by speeding up the checkout process and not requiring user IDs, passwords, shipping addresses, or sensitive personal and financial information to be entered.

Pay By Touch complies with the highest financial industry security standards for storage and transmission of data. IBM was selected to host its secure data centers and protect identities because of its expertise.

Pay By Touch's patented biometric authentication platform is already used by more than 2.3 million enrolled members, with deployments at more than two thousand established retail locations. In addition, Pay By Touch has existing relationships with ten thousand Internet retailers.

Pay By Touch provides biometric authentication, personalized marketing, and payment solutions