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Battery Backup

While blackouts occur five times a year, brownouts can occur five times a day. With entry-level computing systems becoming more powerful and intricate, Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) technology, which conditions power and helps maintain power integrity, becomes even more vital. This helps protect your valuable equipment from damaging brownouts, overvoltages, and undervoltage conditions.

The Small Enterprise units help manage and protect multiple computers with dual communication ports and AVR technology, delivering safe and clean power to all attached components. With its Multi-Computer Management feature, the Small Enterprise Series is perfect for small businesses; and, with Mac OS compatibility, they are perfect for multi-platform environments.

Belkin power management software sends proactive alerts during a power outage. Other functions include messaging, diagnostic support, history logs, scheduled shutdowns, and event management. Now, in the event of a power failure, you can retrieve valuable data that would otherwise be lost.

Features include:

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