Barbie Dream Camper Set Rolling Wheels, Fire Pit, Camping

Barbie Dream Camper Set
Barbie Dream Camper Set

Barbie Dream Camper Set – We’re going to go on a road trip. Dream camper. Wow. With many surprises. Let’s go camping every day.

Let your dreams hit the road with the Barbie Dream Camper because this vehicle holds all kinds of surprises. With the push of a button, the pink camping RV transforms into a spectacular campsite with a pool, more than two feet long — automatically. The side panel opens, the top pops up and the front and back of the camper expand. It’s so cool to watch — imagination is sparked every time.

There are so many ways to play within the campsite. Classic spaces have fun twists. The side of the camper that opens holds a pool and slide. Fold out the water slide with stairs and fill the pool with water to send Barbie dolls (doll sold separately) down the slide and make a splash. Or sit by the campfire. Marshmallows on sticks add to the experience and inspire stories for the campsite AND for the campfire. Inside the camper, a dining space with surprise pop-out table and a bathroom are on one side, a kitchen is on the other and a rooftop space doubles as a deck or bunk beds. Two hammocks mean space for four dolls so that Barbie and all of her sisters can sleep together. Each room has fun features — a toilet lid that opens and closes, a shower curtain in the bathroom and working doors on the refrigerator and stove in the kitchen. Furniture and accessories can be moved around to try out different arrangements and tell different stories. Items like a table and chairs, place settings, food, kitchenware, pillows and blankets lets kids play out everyday moments with adventure.

When a story is ready to move on to the next stop, the Barbie Dream Camper closes up easily. The two chairs fit in front to create the driver’s and passenger seats (with seat belts), and open windows let you peek inside. Push to get the fun rolling on wheels that shine with pink metallic detail and Barbie logo. A fire pit and marshmallows roasting on sticks are perfect for friend and family bonding moments

Close up to hit the road again — cool details, like pink wheels, a moving steering wheel, silvery accents and open windows — make motoring fun. Young adventurers will love hitting the open road with this Barbie camper and stopping wherever imagination leads. Includes camper play set with transformation features, two hammocks and front seats that double as chairs; furnishings that include a dining table, two stools and a fire pit; and storytelling accessories; dolls not included. Kids will love exploring the world with the Barbie Dream Camper. It’s ready to go wherever imagination leads, and stop wherever their dreams lie.

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