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Baha Men - Who Let the Dogs Out

Who Let The Dogs Out - A party record that fuses everything from Nassau steel drum to Miami bass to New York hip-hop, the Baha Men's Who Let the Dogs Out is a pleasant, if not slightly saccharin attempt to present dance grooves for the new global village. Its international mix of styles is impressive early on; the title track tosses in DMX-like barking with a hyperactive bass track, and sprinkles in some ska flavor for exotic effect. And "Get Ya Party On" jacks a slick melodic section from the forgotten underground group Zhigge, adding an accessible hook. But Baha Men are formulaic in all the worst ways, trying to balance the up-tempo, hi-NRG club smashes with weak power ballads ("Where Did I Go Wrong") and a bizarre, ill-fitting '80s pop rocker ("You're Mine"). Stick to the singles if you can't stand the syrup. --Oliver Wang

1. Who Let The Dogs Out
2. You All Dat
3. Get Ya Party On
4. Getting Hotter
5. Summer Of Love
6. You Can Get It
7. It's All In The Mind
8. Where Did I Go Wrong
9. You're Mine
10. What's Up, Come On
11. Shake It Mamma
12. Who Let The Dogs Out - (barking mad mix)

Baha Men Appear on Regis & Kathie Lee and a Summer Concert at Central Park, New York - New Yorkers couldn't escape the Baha Men's new single, ``Who Let The Dogs Out,'' heard round-the-clock on popular radio stations like Z100, and seen live on the Regis & Kathie Lee show on Wednesday, July 19th. The band performed at a huge summer concert in Central Park on July 22nd as part of the Summerstage concert series. ``Who Let The Dogs Out,'' an infectious pop song with a distinctive island flavor, has surprised music industry professionals, as it instantly became the #1 most-requested song on Z100 radio in New York, with sales in the Top 10 at Manhattan record stores. It also was the highest debuting single on this week's Billboard Hot 100 chart, and will appear on the ``Rugrats In Paris'' soundtrack, due this November. The record is the first release from the newly formed record label, S-Curve Records, founded by music industry veteran Steve Greenberg (perhaps best known for discovering the pop group Hanson). The rest of the country is rapidly following New York's lead -- the single is already a top-requested song at radio stations in major cities throughout the US. Industry analysts are predicting that ``Who Let The Dogs Out'' will be a huge hit.