Babble Provides Open-Area Spoken-Conversation Privacy - Yenra

Voice privacy device converts spoken conversations into indiscernable sound through proprietary speakers arranged in a work area


Babble provides voice confidentiality and security of information in open-plan work environments.

"Babble is the first, true voice privacy device with powerful application in open spaces," said Sonare president Bill DeKruif. "It is a profound and proprietary technology that can be used either as a stand-alone solution or as part of a layered approach to sound management. Sound masking, or white noise technology, complements our new technology by diluting overall interior sound, while Babble provides voice privacy in the area immediately surrounding the user."

Babble provides true voice confidentiality by rearranging the phonemes of your voice and transmitting, in real time, with your spoken voice.

Babble is a desktop device that connects to the telephone and sends the user's voice out in multiplied and babbled form through proprietary speakers arranged in the work area. It achieves confidentiality without distracting the user of the device, and those in the user's immediate area hear what sounds like an indiscernible, low-volume group conversation.

The benefits of Babble go beyond the critical requirement of safeguarding information. It also contributes to increased productivity, allowing the user to have confidential telephone conversations at his or her workstation, where their computer and files are located.

In keeping with parent company Herman Miller's emphasis on both aesthetics and functionality in design, as well as sustainability, DeKruif shared that Babble's physical form was a major consideration. Unlike much of what has been introduced as personal technology, I knew Babble couldn't be just another gray box. Working with the industrial design firm, Insight Product Development, we believe we've created an attractive addition to the personal workspace. Babble's controls, functional LED lighting, and overall appearance enhance the user experience, all in a very small footprint. We also chose low-emission plastics and recyclable materials that better serve the environment."

The product was offered at a retail price of $395 for the desktop device and two sets of speakers from Sonare.