Yenra : Beauty : Avon : Avon survey finds women consistently link appearance and self worth

The majority of women around the world feel that how they look is an important element of their self-esteem and part of defining who they are, according to Avon's 2003 Global Women's Survey. Avon released the results of the survey, which focused on appearance, self-esteem and aging at a press event earlier this week in New York City. The survey polled over 21,000 women in 24 countries around the world in early 2003.

According to Debbie Eisser, Avon's Vice President Global Marketing Research, "Regardless of where you live or what your age, the majority of women worldwide report that how they look is important to defining who they are. Here at Avon, we believe in helping women to look and feel great so that they can strive to be the best at whatever they do."

The survey participants were asked their opinions on appearance and self-esteem, aging, fragrance, and sensuality. Most women use beauty products, with three-quarters of the women surveyed reporting beauty products are a necessity, not a luxury. Respondents also reported that while appearance is important, the majority appreciate what nature has given them and find personal satisfaction in looking their best.

Ms. Eisser added, "We are always fascinated by the facts we learn about women around the world revealed by our global women's survey. Though there are differences based on region and age, the similarities are striking."

Following are more detailed findings of the 2003 Avon Global Women's Survey.

Appearance and Self Esteem

Appearance is important, but despite the importance placed on appearance, nearly three-fourths of women appreciate what nature has given them, are satisfied with the way they look, and would never consider having cosmetic surgery. Most of the women surveyed consider themselves to have medium to high self-esteem.

Most women (77%) also agree that beauty products are a necessity, not a luxury, and two-thirds of women say they put a lot of effort into always trying to look their best. This effort is not necessarily time consuming, as three-fourths of women get ready each day in 30 minutes or less (and 15% get ready in less then 10 minutes!).

Even though the majority of women (61%) believe that older women can be more attractive than younger women, nearly one-half feel that they did or will look their best in their twenties.

Aging and Anti-Aging Products

So what are women most concerned about when it comes to aging? Fine lines and wrinkles! And yet, most women report that they put little or no effort into avoiding/reducing the facial signs of aging. Only one-fourth of women globally say they put a lot of effort into reducing the facial signs of aging. North American women put more effort into reducing the facial signs of aging than their sisters around the globe.

Awareness of cosmetic procedures is fairly high with between one-half and three-fourths of women globally familiar with procedures such as face-lifts and collagen injections. However, most women (93%) say they have never had any cosmetic procedures, and never would (77%).

Women from North America, Latin/South/Central America, and Eastern/Central Europe are more likely to consider some type of cosmetic procedure than those in Western Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Fragrance Usage

The vast majority of women around the world (85%) wear fragrance and in general, women dabble in several scents. On average, fragrance users own four fragrances and wear two regularly. Choosing which fragrance to wear on a given day depends primarily on their mood or the occasion.

The ideal scent is different for women everywhere, but most women around the world say they most desire a fragrance that makes them feel more confidant, happier or more feminine.

The Avon Global Women's Survey is conducted every two-to-three years to gather information on women's interests, issues and opinions.