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Deepfile Enforcer, an automated file management solution, is now to the public. Both Deepfile Auditor and Enforcer offer support for Novell Netware file systems, providing customers with multi-vendor network file system environments the ability to consolidate management of all corporate files in a single appliance.

Deepfile Enforcer provides a rules-based automation engine for applying specific actions to sets of files and directories, enabling system administrators to implement business-based storage policies across the enterprise. In concert with the Deepfile Auditor file reporting solution, Deepfile Enforcer provides a single, cross-platform point for applying policies consistently across all file systems and storage platforms. Deepfile Enforcer dramatically lowers costs by eliminating repetitive, reactive tasks and reducing the need for capital expenditures on storage hardware. Moreover, through identification and automated notification/elimination of files not in compliance with corporate policies, Deepfile Enforcer is a valuable tool for reducing corporate liability.

Deepfile Auditor and Deepfile Enforcer are powerful appliances that break the cycle of network storage growth to immediately deliver measurable results in cost savings, resource utilization, capital expenditure reduction, and information security. Additionally, Deepfile products implement centralized policy enforcement including file retention, document retention, and migration, thereby improving utilization of file storage resources. Using a unique, appliance-based approach to file management, Deepfile Auditor and Deepfile Enforcer end the dependence of administrators on expensive capacity expansion as a short-term patch to the chronic problems that demand the attention of staff and consume budgets. This ongoing dependence on costly, unmanaged storage only serves to increases the magnitude of the challenges that ultimately must be addressed.

The Deepfile software deploys on a self-contained appliance capable of supporting 20 Terabytes of files hosted on Direct Attached Storage (DAS), NAS, and SAN storage platforms, running either UNIX, Linux, Windows, or Netware. Both Deepfile Auditor and Deepfile Enforcer use NFS (Network File System), CIFS (Common Internet File System) and Netware protocols to crawl storage systems and enforce rules, eliminating the need to install software agents and reducing deployment timelines to less than one day. Using these well-established standards also enables Deepfile to operate independently of underlying hardware infrastructure, maximizing compatibility with existing storage systems while minimizing bandwidth used to operate at very high speeds. With each file, Deepfile Auditor tracks over 20 customizable parameters that provide IT managers with a more precise way to manage privacy, legal, or security issues. With this information compiled into a database, Deepfile Auditor generates standard or customized reports and interfaces directly with Deepfile Enforcer for centralized administration of rules.

Deepfile develops innovative network file management software for enterprise IT organizations.