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Wireless Telecom Group announced today that it's wholly owned subsidiary, Boonton Electronics, has recently received orders from the US Air Force for Audio and Modulation analyzers. The orders are for approximately $500,000. These products perform precise measurements and analysis on radio transmitters and communication systems and are well suited for military and government testing applications.

"Boonton's products are ideal for the current economic climate and for our addressable markets. We continue to see significant interest in our products, particularly in the areas of government and military defense spending as well as homeland security and radar based applications. We are working hard to capitalize and expand on these opportunities," said Edward Garcia, President and CEO.

Wireless Telecom Group is a global provider of electronic noise generation equipment in the telecommunications field.

Boonton Electronics manufactures test equipment dedicated to measuring the power of RF and Microwave systems used in multiple telecommunication markets.

Microlab/FXR is a global provider of passive microwave components including power splitters, directional couplers and filters. These products are employed as system components in commercial applications such as wireless base stations for cellular, paging and private communications, in-building wireless signal distribution, television transmitters and aircraft navigation landing systems.