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AT Route 77 Maryland

Appalachian Trail Waypoints: (degrees minutes seconds - logged with a Magellan GPS 315 - before Selective Accuracy was turned off)
General Reno Monument, Maryland: 39° 28' 11" / 077° 37' 00" (logged 30Oct99 1:57:02PM)
I-70 Footbridge: 39° 32' 08" / 077° 36' 23" (17Oct99 11:05:37 AM)
Route 77 Maryland: 39° 38' 27" / 077° 32' 59" (07Nov99 3:44:45PM)
A Ledge in Virginia: 39° 04' 18" / 077° 55' 03" (23Oct99 2:23:20PM)
Bridge past a campsite: 39° 04' 15" / 077° 54' 15" (23Oct99 1:53:55PM)
Route 16: 39° 44' 29" / 077° 29' 25" (28Nov99 2:01:44PM)
Route 40 Maryland Parking: 39° 32' 08" / 77° 36' 16 (17Oct99 11:10:37AM)
Route 494: 39° 39' 53" / 077° 32' 08" (28Nov99 2:36:51PM)

The Appalachian Trail Workbook for Planning Thru-Hikes - Walking in the woods for 2,168 miles over up to seven months takes planning, a lot of planning -- where to sleep, how to resupply food, where to get mail and when. This rip-out-the-pages workbook gives you not just advice from those who have done it but checklists, shelter lists, post office lists and easy ways to put it all together

The Appalachian Trail Backpacker : Trail-Proven Advice for Hikes of Any Length - The essential guide for preparing for a hike of any length along the Trail. With the help of dozens of their hikers, the authors have gathered over 100,000 miles of AT experience into this common sense guide. From boots to sleeping bags, from stove to tents (and the backpack to put it all in), this book considers the weight, cost and practicality for every item you need. Through anecdotes, this book prepares hikers for what to expect from animals, weather other hikers and more. This is the Revised Version Victoria and Frank Logues bestselling Appalachian Trail Backpackers Planning Guide. It has been updated to cover the latest equipment and offers new chapters on winter backpacking and hiking with children.

An Eye on the Horizon : An Appalachian Trail Odyssey - The author shares the sights, sounds, feelings, and the many personal adventures and challenges he experienced on his 2158.8-mile section-hike of this remarkable footpath from Georgia to Maine. Included are over 100 pictures and maps documenting his journey. Hiking the Appalachian Trail was a dream he had since childhood; and, at the age of 66, he demonstrates that through faith, patience and commitment-dreams can come true.

The Appalachian Trail : How to Prepare for & Hike It - The book provides a general overview of the many issues that face Appalachian Trail thru-hikers. It is well-organized, beginning with the trail's history, moving through planning and equipment/food, injuries and first aid. Also covered are animal issues, sanitation and etiquette. The final chapter lists some information about portions of the trail which might be interesting to those who only wish to hike certain pieces of the trail. Most useful are the appendices, which provide necessary information about equipment manufacturers, Post Offices near the trail, ATC trail-maintaining clubs and maps.

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