Yenra : Art : Australian Artist Margi : Exuberant multi-layered kaleidoscopic works of art displayed at the National Arts Club in New York City


The Australian Consulate General hosted an exhibition of works by renowned Australian artist Margi. The artist has made a name for herself around the world, gracing the walls of discerning aficionados in Australia, Europe, and America. E-Motion represented her journey as a visual artist living in New York.

E-Motion opened on February 10, 2006 at the National Arts Club in New York.

Each brushstroke in Margi's paintings is directed by the heart and mind; the paintings are created spontaneously rather than methodically. The results are multi-layered, exuberant, kaleidoscopic works of art that are a delight to view.

Margi moved to New York fifteen years ago and has been painting there since.

James Rizzi describes her works as "vibrant, colorful with great spirit of imagination."

Sculptor Cybele Rowe finds Margi to be "a true outsider artist. Margi has spent her life thus far discovering the essence of being human which translates spontaneously and magnificently through her use of color onto canvas."

Margi left Whyalla, South Australia for Europe at the age of 18. She traveled extensively, supporting herself as a fashion model as she developed her craft. Margi's work reflects duality and the eternal dance of feminine and masculine principles. She aims to inspire the inner creative spirit of those who view who art.

The exhibition ran until March 3, 2006.