Yenra : Medical : Ambient Lighting : Specially designed radiology suite creates a patient-friendly environment for people undergoing medical scans


The hospital is changing to a place that comforts and Philips Ambient Experience solutions are at the heart of that change. Ambient Experience design begins with a consultation process that evaluates the entire healthcare institution, analyzing workflow, systems, and environment. Lighting solutions are created with the participation of caregivers, psychologists, and other experts. And the results meet the needs of both patients and staff.

George Marmaropoulos, design director, Philips Design, demonstrates a remote control tablet to Dr. John McFadden, director of pediatric radiology at Advocate Lutheran General Children's Hospital in greater Chicago. The tablet activates animated graphics on the ceiling and walls of the new Ambient Experience Radiology Suite designed by Royal Philips Electronics to create a more patient-friendly environment for people undergoing medical scans.