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Aluminum Boat

Design Concepts Boats, California's leading manufacturer of aluminum boats, and the Marketing Department at CSU Chico recently collaborated to create an internship program for postgraduate and undergraduate students at Chico State. Unfolded for the Fall 2001 semester, the internships available at Design Concepts Boats presents students in the Marketing Department opportunity to earn college credit by using concepts learned at the University to participate in the active business environment at Design Concepts.

"A thriving business environment like Design Concepts Boats really presents a prime opportunity to expose future business men and women to the actual mixture and nature of components within a leading manufacturing company" said Design Concepts Boats CEO and Chico State Alumnus David Neff. " The internship process also offers an unlimited opportunity to refine and apply learned knowledge to the actual pace and procedure of a business setting. The Business Program at Chico State prepares business men and women for the business world of today and tomorrow, and it will be a pleasure working with students looking for a challenging program that will effectively expand their current focus and knowledge regarding the business atmosphere."

The students accepted into the program will work under the direction of CEO and President David Neff as well as the Director of Marketing for Design Concepts. Having also earned a Master's degree from the business department at Chico State, the Marketing Director collaborated with Dr. Richard Davis, who resides as Faculty Chair for the Department of Marketing and Finance at the University. The internships correlate with various classes offered by Chico State, using current class topics as a basis for the projects within the internship at Design Concepts.

Design Concepts' line includes eight different models of river, lake, delta, ocean and patrol boats to choose from, which can then be completely customized to the boater's needs and requests, and Design Concepts also specializes in custom-made boats. Design Concepts has designed and built boats for police and sheriff departments, universities, municipalities and professional fishing and tour guides all across America.

Design Concepts Boats originated in 1978 in Paradise, and has since expanded into a factory near the Chico municipal Airport Park in Chico. The 57,000 square foot facility serves as the manufacturing and service facility for Design Concepts Boats.