Yenra : Biotechnology : Adenovirus Purification : Rapid protocol uses ion exchange membranes to give full access and recovery from the charged adsorber surface


Vivapure AdenoPack 100 is a ready-to-use kit for adenovirus purification that includes all reagents and devices necessary for clarification, purification and concentration of adenovirus from HEK293 cells. The rapid two-hour purification protocol is based on Vivascience's ion exchange membranes incorporated in AdenoPack syringe filter units.

The device is unique in its capability to efficiently capture and remove large virus particles. When compared to chromatography media, membrane adsorbers provide large 3000 nm pores allowing unrestricted access and recovery of adenovirus from the charged adsorber surface. In a fast and simple procedure, recoveries of up to 1-5 x 10 E12 purified virus particles per milliliter can be obtained for invitro transfections.

In contrast to traditional Caesium Chloride density gradient methods, virus purification with Vivapure AdenoPack is fast, simple, not toxic to virus or cells and leads to a higher virus titre using the same amount of original cell culture. Additionally, expensive equipment such as an ultracentrifuge is no longer needed.

The membrane adsorbers with porous matrices, high capacities, low differential pressure, high flow rates, and low unspecific adsorption show an excellent performance in small-scale virus purification. However, they are also scalable to confirm to cGMP facilities to large volume, high performance separation, reducing the processing time by a factor of ten in the final process.