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Informatica's PowerCenter 7 Data Integration Platform


Informatica Corporation today announced a significant advance in enterprise data integration with the latest release of its PowerCenter data integration platform. PowerCenter 7 is the first data integration platform to provide adaptive capabilities in the face of today's increasing information complexity, pressure to maximally leverage current IT investments, increased demand for real-time decision making, and need for unified business views.

Considered the next wave of innovation in enterprise software, "adaptive" software products intelligently adapt to changes in the IT environment and optimize performance by efficiently leveraging IT resources -- all without requiring manual coding. Adaptive data integration can help businesses lower IT costs, accelerate return on investment from integration projects, and ensure confidence in real-time information during an era of compliance and governance.

"With the ebb and flow of today's economic cycles, business survival depends on an intelligent IT infrastructure that can adapt quickly to changing market conditions," said Girish Pancha, executive vice president of products at Informatica. "The adaptive data integration features of our new PowerCenter release represent a major leap forward in building greater intelligence into our products -- freeing organizations to focus on their strategic projects, rather than on expensive and time-consuming maintenance of existing IT systems. In doing so, we are bringing ground-breaking technology to the industry to solve today's practical data integration needs."

"Informatica's strength has continued to be providing a unified Switzerland-type solution for end-to-end data integration and business intelligence, all in one well-architected software solution that helps a customer turn integration into insight," said Steve McClure, a research vice president in IDC's Software Research Group. "Informatica's new PowerCenter 7 includes what IDC sees as the required components of a data integration platform -- data quality, data profiling, metadata management and integration visibility -- as well as important innovations in security, on-demand computing and data stewardship in the framework of a service-oriented architecture."

To deliver adaptive data integration capabilities, PowerCenter 7 includes innovations in five main areas: Web services support, on-demand computing and data, data stewardship, team-based development, and robust security across all aspects of the integration process.

"Informatica's release of PowerCenter 7 is a result of its ability to both listen to customer requirements and raise the bar on technology standards -- as evidenced by the platform's new team-based development features, which ultimately bring down total cost of ownership and enable companies to use a single software platform for compliance with the Software Engineering Institute's configuration management best practices," said Tom Kato, business systems analyst and data warehouse architect at Motorola. "In addition, PowerCenter 7's support for grid computing is giving companies like ourselves the ability to leverage existing hardware resources by maximizing the performance and utilization of those investments."

Informatica is a leading provider of data integration and business intelligence software. Using Informatica products, companies can leverage their existing information assets for enterprise insight that helps them improve business performance, increase customer profitability, streamline supply chain operations and proactively manage regulatory compliance.