Yenra : 3G : 3G Cellular Infrastructure : Dual mixer and VCO synthesizers combine IF amplifier, switches, and local oscillator drivers into single devices


Skyworks produces several of the industry's smallest and most highly integrated products for next-generation base stations. This portfolio, which includes a dual mixer and voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) synthesizer for the infrastructure market, offers high levels of functionality, while reducing footprints by 50 percent when compared to current architectures. These solutions also build upon Skyworks' Linear Products strategy of developing analog/mixed signal designs that utilize the company's core capabilities and serve a broad array of markets.

The SKY73020 is a high-performance dual mixer that supports two channel diversity and combines an IF amplifier, switches and local oscillator (LO) drivers into a single device, accomplishing what was previously performed by nine discrete components. Skyworks' mixer also offers a unique combination of gain and IP3 -- two critical specification parameters for current generation base stations -- enabling exceptional dynamic range performance.

The SKY73100 is an 8mm x 10mm module that combines a fractional-N-synthesizer, high-performance VCO and output switch into a single, compact package. Current single component product offerings are constrained by their narrow band of operation, as base station manufacturers may require up to four devices to operate across the full frequency range. The Skyworks approach is more suitable for broadband deployments, and can meet industry requirements with merely one device. In addition, the VCO synthesizer provides superior phase noise performance leading to improved receiver sensitivity, an important specification for GSM-based deployments. Architectures that reduce component counts and board size are critical factors in enabling base station engineers to minimize cost and size without compromising performance -- key drivers in next-generation designs. Further, the performance benefits of both devices permit increased coverage of service areas and improved customer service.

"Skyworks continues to be a leader in providing innovative solutions to cellular and other broadband wireless infrastructure markets," said Sean Martin of Skyworks. "By offering superior performance with reduced form factors and high levels of integration, we are enabling our customers to maximize their cellular coverage areas and minimize dropped calls - another example of a true win-win relationship."

The SKY73020 is a fully integrated diversity mixer that includes LO drivers, an LO switch, high-linearity mixers, and large dynamic range IF amplifiers. Low-loss RF baluns have also been included to reduce design complications and lower system cost. The SKY73020 features an input IP3 of 26 dBm and a noise figure (NF) of 10 dB, making the device an ideal solution for high dynamic range systems, such as 2G/3G base station receivers. The LO switch provides more than 45 dB of isolation between LO inputs and supports the switching time required for GSM/EDGE base stations. It is manufactured using a robust silicon BiCMOS process and has been designed for optimum long-term reliability. The SKY73020 diversity down conversion mixer is provided in a compact, 36-pin multi-chip module.

The SKY73020 is designed for 700 - 1000 MHz frequencies, but Skyworks will also introduce the SKY73021, which is designed for 1.8 - 1.9 GHz frequencies.

The SKY73100 is a fully integrated, high-performance signal source for high dynamic range transceivers. This solution includes a 21-bit sigma-delta fractional-N synthesizer, high Q tank circuit, output switch, and an extremely low phase noise VCO. The device offers four separately selectable frequency bands from 750 MHz to 900 MHz. The integrated phase noise from 100 Hz to 100 kHz measures less than 1 degree RMS. In addition, the phase noises at 800 kHz and 1 MHz offset are 150 dBc/Hz and 153 dBc/Hz, respectively, making the SKY73100 an ideal solution for GSM/EDGE, and CDMA/WCDMA base station transceivers. For GSM/EDGE receivers, the SKY73100 also includes an on/off switch that provides more than 60 dB of RF isolation. The VCO/synthesizer is provided in a compact, 32-pin multi-chip module.

The SKY73100 is designed for 800 - 900 MHz frequencies, but Skyworks also offers the SKY73101, which is designed for 1.8 - 1.9 GHz frequencies.

These products, along with other RF infrastructure components are immediately available for sampling. In quantities of 1,000, the SKY73020 and SKY73021 are priced at $8.10 and the SKY73100 and SKY73101 are priced at $8.95.

Skyworks produces analog, mixed signal, and digital semiconductors for mobile communications applications.