Yenra : Programming : 3D City Planning : CyberDome virtual walk-through created with development and deployment platform for interactive 3D content


Asia-Pacific city planning company Matsushita Electric Works enhanced its decision-making product, VR System for Environmental Product Support, with Virtools, a development and deployment platform for interactive 3D content from Dassault Systemes. With this, the company creates interactive, personalized city planning scenarios very rapidly, literally enabling communities to get a real-life perspective on planning projects and make the right project decisions from the start.

"Before deploying DS's Virtools, it took us a tremendous amount of man-hours to produce the complex 3D content our customers require, like determining what impact potential changes will have on a neighborhood, such as adding new buildings, shopping centers, responding to current and future environmental needs. We project these scenarios at our full-scaled display facility CyberDome, where viewers wear 3D glasses to perceive the complete effects and participate in real-time," says Ryuichiro Nagahama of Matsushita Electric Works.

"By walking stakeholders through plans in a realistic virtual environment, the group can make pertinent suggestions on how to improve all aspects of the project being reviewed," explained Nikos Calfacacos of Dassault Systemes.