10 reasons to go to Tekko

Friendship at Tekko 2015

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Tekko, a con in Pittsburgh held April 6-9, 2017, used to have a longer name, Tekkoshocon, and while the name was shortened, the con continues to grow. There are lots of reasons to go to Tekko. Here are ten.


1. Tekko’s convention center is excellent

David L. Lawrence Convention Center is spacious with good lighting. The riverside view has fantastic large windows that let in a flood of light. Access to the roof is fabulous. Even when it is a little chilly, it’s worth going out for a bit, but when it’s warm as it was the year before last, hours can be spent up there, with views of city with lights that form beautiful bokeh as darkness falls. It is one of my favorite places for the golden hour, that hour before the sun sets. It is beside a beautiful river, with nice ledges and walkways. Two of the last three years have featured fireworks from the ball park.

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