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Prayers for Lent

LentHeavenly Father, I am called to walk by the light of Christ, your Son, and to trust in his wisdom.

During Lent, I submit my self to him more and more and am striving to believe in him with all my heart.

I enter on this path of repentance so that in dying to self I might rise to new life.

Lord Jesus, you spoke peace to a sinful world and brought mankind the gift of reconciliation by the suffering and death you endured. I love you and joyfully bear the name Christian.

Teach me to follow your example. Increase my faith, hope and charity so that I may struggle to turn hatred to love and conflict to peace.

Loving Redeemer through your passion, teach me self-denial, strengthen me against evil and adversity and so make me ready to celebrate your Resurrection.

Healer of body and soul, cure the sickness in my spirit so that I may grow in holiness through your constant care.

Forgive my sins against the unity of your family; make me love as you loved me.

Good Master, make me mindful of the dignity you gave me in Baptism, may I live for you at every moment.

Give me a perfect heart to receive your work, that I may bring forth fruit in patience.

Renew my eagerness to work with you in building a better world, so that my friends may hear your gospel of peace and justice.

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