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Announced November 20, 2009, despite the financial difficulties of some Brigham's restaurants, Brigham's ice cream will continue to be available in New England. Brigham's ice cream is produced locally by HP Hood. Hood is committed to the ongoing production of Brigham's ice cream --which will continue to be manufactured using the same Brigham's proprietary recipes, under the same high quality standards that have made this brand a New England classic. In addition to five seasonal specialty flavors, Brigham's boasts more than twenty ice cream and sherbet flavors which can be found in grocery stores and supermarkets throughout New England.

HP Hood purchased the Brigham's brand and its packaged ice cream business in June 2008--in a separate transaction Brigham's retail outlets and restaurants were sold to Baltimore-based Deal Metrics. Since that time, Hood has produced Brigham's Ice Cream for distribution in both supermarket and grocery stores, as well as in Brigham's restaurants. Brigham's ice cream has been a Boston favorite since 1914, with Brigham's Vanilla consistently ranked as Beantown's top-selling ice cream.