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Swimmers Ear

Star announced today a partnership with Jason Lezak, America's top sprint freestyle swimmer to support the introduction of a new improved physician's formula for Star-Otic Ear Solution.

Star-Otic Ear Solution is the number one over-the-counter treatment and prevention solution for otitis externa, the condition commonly referred to as swimmer's ear. For more than 25 years, doctors have been recommending Star-Otic Ear Solution to swimmers, divers and water lovers who may suffer from the condition. Swimmer's ear can affect any individual, of any age whose ears are exposed to water through swimming, diving, water sports, or even bathing. The condition involves itching flaking and infection of the ear canal that can be painful and even debilitating.

"I have experienced many bouts with swimmer's ear. I know it can be painful and will keep you out of the water," said Lezak. "With this being an Olympic year, I can't afford to miss training. I use Star-Otic both preventatively as well as to treat any reoccurrence of water clogged ear infection that I might develop. Stellar allows me to train everyday and try to win individual Gold Medals in Athens this Summer."

The improved physician's formula Star-Otic Ear Solution makes the long- proven and recommended solution faster acting in relieving clogged ears; it also provides more bacteria-fighting protection. The three major factors that can cause swimmer's ear are warmth, moisture and microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi. By reducing the presence of moisture and bacteria, Star- Otic Ear Solution can effectively prevent the occurrence of swimmer's ear when used before and after water exposure. Star-Otic's active ingredients are: Isopropyl Alcohol 95% Anhydrous Glycerin 5%

"It is not only the swimmers who suffer from otitis media, or swimmer's ear," said Dr. Stanley Wein, Ear Nose & Throat specialist practicing in New York. "We treat water polo players, divers, water skiers -- really anyone who enjoys exposure to water for sport or recreation. Some who may be more susceptible can even be at risk for developing swimmer's ear from bathing," Dr. Wein continued. "Using the Star-Otic solution before and after activity will help prevent a very painful condition."

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