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MeshWiFi Mesh Networks compatible, open, high-speed, manageable, secure solutions for public service equipment solution providers.
LocationZigBee Location Chip system-on-chip solution with location estimation capability for ZigBee low power wireless sensor networks.
Dual WirelessWi-Fi Cellular Switching VoIP cell phone roams between signals from GSM/GPRS or CDMA towers and short-range wireless broadband networks.
RF ModemRF Modem Module frequency hopping spread spectrum embedded system application standard serial TTL compatible interface.
WiFiCaribbean WiFi Lucent and BelAir provide St. Maarten wireless Internet and e-mail access that covers public areas in Philipsburg.
ZigBeeZigBee Specification interoperable standard for power efficient, cost effective, low data rate monitoring, control, and sensing networks.
OutdoorsMesh Networks integrated multi radio, channel, and RF outdoor wireless deployments provide scaleable backbone and client connectivity.
Offer Wi-Fi ServiceWi-Fi Management Software for hotspot solution with dynamically changing pricing structure that matches market demands.
NexGen CityNexGen City WiMax and WiFi bridge component gateways and routers for high-speed municipal wireless network environment.
Marina WiFiMarina WiFi wireless signals reach every boat slip and customers can access e-mail and the Internet while dining at the restaurant.
Wi-Fi CruiseWireless Internet Cruise Ships luxury yachts serve satellite service to passengers through blanket of wi-fi hotspot connectivity at sea.
Marine WiFiMarine WiFi wireless ferry project uses complex switching algorithms to allow passengers to stay connected as boat moves between docks.
Wireless Digital Music PlayerWireless Digital Music Player system configures a network linking one's MP3, WMA, MPEG4, and WAV library to players and LCD controllers.
Broadband WirelessBroadband Wireless mesh-based mobile network combines data, VoIP, and streaming video while traveling at highway speeds.
Wireless Video ConferencingWireless Video Conferencing over both WiFi and UMTS-based networks with VoIP, full-motion video, and billing with commercial software.
Wi-Fi Location NetworkWi-Fi Location Network child tracking application also designed to optimize theme park layouts and understand visitor behavior.
WiFi RoamingWiFi Roaming agreement between Sprint and AT&T Wireless expands airport hotspot locations for their respective customers.
Philadelphia HotspotsPhiladelphia Hotspots expand with the provision of free wireless Internet access at the Reading Historic Market.
Wi-Fi NotebooksWi-Fi Notebooks increase in market share to 80% by 2005 while costs and benefits of Wi-Fi rises
Vending MachineWireless Vending Machines integrate wireless data and vending machines to allow consumers to purchase a snack by using their mobile phones.
Train HotspotsTrain Hotspots will generate 420 million dollars per year in revenue, according to study of in-transit wireless LAN hotspot services
Airport HotspotsAirport Hotspots - Access Point infrastructure for wireless hot spots
Restaurant WiFi HotspotsRestaurant WiFi Hotspots - PCTEL Selected by WiFi-Texas to Launch Hotspot Network Throughout Texas and at Schlotzsky's Restaurants Nationwide.
802.11g WLAN Chipset802.11g WLAN Chipset Wi-Fi+WPA and WHQL Certified
Wireless SecurityWireless Security Laptop Protection Steps For Wi-Fi Users.
WLAN VendorsWLAN Vendors provide feature-rich and cost-effective wireless networking solutions.
Wireless EmailWireless Email, contacts, and calendar on data-enabled mobile phones.
Internet McDonaldsWireless Internet Access McDonalds installed by 5G Wireless in Sidney, New York as part of an exploration of the Surf as You Dine Concept.
WPSWireless Provisioning Services : WPS - Microsoft software to make sign-up easier at public hot spots.
Magnetic CommunicationsMagnetic Communications wireless headset uses a secure communication bubble that surrounds and is uniquely owned by each user.
Tiny WiFi ChipTiny WiFi chip makes WiFi practical for PDAs, cell phones, digital cameras, MP3 players and other portable devices.
Hot Spot LocationsHot Spot Locations - the top hot spot locations among mobile users are in key travel locations and coffee shops.
Cellular HotspotCellular WiFi Hotspots always-on roaming network service.
PCS HotspotsSprint PCS Hotspots - Sprint establishes public Wi-Fi zones in hundreds of key hot spots.
Secure MobileSecurity of Mobile Devices - Enterprise-class management and security for mobile devices such as laptops, handhelds and smartphones.
Hot Spot RoamingHot Spot Roaming - Thousands of Wi-Fi hot spots added to roaming system.
Starbucks HotspotsT-Mobile Hotspots high-speed wireless access to the Internet and to corporate intranets.
W-OFDMW-OFDM : Wide-Band Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing high-capacity non-line-of-sight 5.8 GHz.
MobilityMobility Strategy - Partnerships, Innovation, and Involvement in Wireless LAN and Remote Access Services.
HP MobileHP Mobile Wireless Bluetooth Wi-Fi Devices - wireless consumer products, network infrastructure, enterprise server solutions.
Hot Spot KitHot Spot in a Box solution by Gemtek Systems brings carrier-grade Wi-Fi to small locations.
Finding Wi-FiWi-Fi Zone - finding wireless connections at home and abroad.
Wireless BroadbandWireless Broadband Subscription residential wireless broadband subscriber units.
Wireless InfrastructureWireless Infrastructure provides centralized view of wireless operations systems.
Java PhoneMotorola Java Linux Phone PDA is world's first Java Linux handset.
Wi FiWi Fi Guide easy-to-follow explanation of wireless solutions, security, and standards.

Broadband Wireless Systems on Chips - Semiconductor Intellectual Property Cores for IEEE WirelessMAN Standard System-on-Chips

Dual Band Wireless Access Point - Dual Band Wireless Access Point with Enterprise-Level Security

802.11a+b+g Chip - Envara's EN303 RF Chip Offers Multi-Mode IEEE 802.11a+b+g Interoperability On A Single Chip

Faster WiFi - Wireless LAN technology increases wireless LAN speed more than five fold

802.11a Certification - Wi-Fi Interoperability Certification Begins for IEEE 802.11a Wireless Lan Products

Java-Enabled Wireless Device Enterprise Software - Customer Service Management Features on Java-Enabled Mobile Devices

Mobile Security - Mobile Reach Technologies and Network Security Consulting form mobility partnership

Mobile VPN - Secure Seamless Roaming Across Cellular and Wi-Fi Networks

Multigenerational Wireless Test System - Voice, data and video algorithms that allow in-depth comprehensive drive-test and in-building-test across 2G, 2.5G and 3G wireless environments

Toshiba Hot Spots - High-speed wireless access for stores

Warchalking 802.11b Hotspot Clouds - Warchalking To Mark Free Wireless Internet Access Via Schlotzsky's Deli Cool Cloud; International Chalk Symbol Lets Customers and Community Know Where to Log On

Wi-Fi Alliance - IEEE 802.11 interoperability certification

Wi-Fi Tags - Real-time asset location

Wireless Customer Research - Wifi electronic data collection clipboards

Wireless Internet Bill Consolidation Settlement Service - Internet Service Providers Offering Public Wireless LAN Access

Wireless Location System Standard - Real-Time Locating Systems Standard - RTLS

Wireless Security - Laptop Protection Steps For Wi-Fi Users

Wireless Software for Mobile Field Sales - Wireless sales ordering allows field staff to check stock status in real time and enter sales order da

Wireless Systems Reliability - Ensuring highly available information and data access at any location

Wireless Trends - Wireless Trends in Wireless Networks and Methods for Delivering and Accessing Mobile Content

Wireless Vending Machines - Allowing consumers to purchase snacks with their mobile phones

XRF Technology - City of Lancaster, California First to Install Revolutionary New Wireless Communications Technology

Wireless Networking