Yenra VoIP News

BundleVoIP Broadband Data Bundle user-friendly consumer packages include ATA adapters and plug and play broadband wireless modems.
SkypeeBay Skype acquisition by global marketplace will enable new forms of Internet-based ecommerce voice communications and pay-per-call services.
SoCVoIP SoC voice processing, broadband circuitry, high-performance host CPU, and peripherals in a single integrated system-on-a-chip.
Wi-Fi PhoneVoIP Wi-Fi Phones certified telephone handset with color LCD display uses system-on-chip for small footprint and reduced power consumption.
VoIP UserVoIP Directory easy navigation of products, services, and solutions for home office, small business, enterprise, mobile, and infrastructure.
USB SpeakerphoneUSB Speakerphone lightweight full-duplex audio interface for desktops or laptops enables hands-free VoIP calling and web conferencing.
VoIP GatewayVoIP Gateway broadband device combines access for Voice over IP and Internet via Fiber and DSL for consumers and small business.
VoIP ChipsVoIP Chips programmable single channel integrated voice connectivity for analog phones combine SLIC and codec functionality.
CustomerVoIP Customer Care Internet-based billing solution provides e-commerce automation and integration of features such as calling cards.
Business VoIPBusiness VoIP Covad completes nationwide roll-out of broadband local and long distance telephone service with follow me capability.
VoIP RecordingVoIP Recording call monitoring software upgrade provides improved performance and enhanced on-demand multi-site capability.
VoIP ControllerSession Border Controller small footprint device handles 100,000 concurrent calls and 750 connections per second in a single system.
VoIP SoftwareVoIP Software turns Windows PCs and wireless PDAs into telephones with call forwarding, free voice mail, and a flexible payment plan.
VoIP PhoneVoIP Phones make and receive voice telephone calls to and from any phone using a dial-up or broadband Internet connection.
VoIP TextbookVoIP Training textbook report on Voice over Internet Protocol technology research, business challenges, and market basics.
Qwest VoIPQwest VoIP nationwide voice over IP solution provides both local and long-distance voice service as well as high-speed Internet access.
Linux VoIPLinux VoIP open source software, off-the-shelf hardware, and common telephony components connected to the company network.
VoIP MicrotunerVoIP Microtuner miniature single-chip low-power tuner for carrier-grade digital cable phone service, handheld tvs, and video.
Residential VoIPResidential VoIP AT&T CallVantage Internet phone service available throughout California offers unlimited calling for under 40 dollars a month.
WiFi VoIPWiFi VoIP WiSIP phone for wireless Internet hotspots with unlimited domestic calls, voicemail, caller ID, and call waiting.
VoIP Phone SystemVoIP Phone System for small office businesses provides VoIP technology and PBX functionality with IP-based key telephone solution.
Wireless VoIPWireless VoIP cordless phone sets designed to provide wireless VoIP access through a PC's USB port, followed by VoFi 802.11-enabled phones.
Voice over CableVoice over Cable among the converged network services supplied by digital media and analog gateways
Next-Generation Voice NetworkNext-Generation Voice Network includes VoIP Enabled Gateway Controller and Gateway Solutions from Accelerate Voice Over Internet Protocol
Digital VoIP GatewayDigital VoIP Gateway - SIP-based digital VoIP Gateways and IP Routers for ISDN carrier and enterprise applications
Communications BadgesCommunications Badges with push-to-talk capability added to instant, hands-free, voice-controlled communications system
Plantronics VoIPPlantronics VoIP to provide superior audio performance to a range of VoIP applications for residential, mobile, business and contact center users.
VoIP BillingVoIP Billing enables Voice over IP for hotels and apartment buildings.
Free VoIPFree VoIP - Free Global Telephone Calls and Conferencing.
IP TelephonyIP Telephony increases security, simplifies management, and expands mobility of converged networks.
Telephone ConversionSession Initiation Protocol Tutorials - existing telephone systems can be turned into Internet-based multimedia communications systems.
Voice QualityVoice Quality Measurement Software - VoIP adopters should be using software to measure voice quality.
Voice TrunkingVoice Trunking - Compressed voice and wireless telephony.
IP PhoneIP Phone - Corvero Networks unveils three new advanced IP phone applications.
VoIP FirmVoIP Company for global communications launches.
VoIP ServiceVoIP Service high-capacity trunking and network calling solutions.
VoIP ProvidersVoIP Providers traffic grew 80 percent last year.
Voice over IPVoice over IP - Making voice calls over the Internet rather than the Public Switched Telephone Network.
Voice DevelopmentVoice Development Systems integrated analog, digital, and voice-over-IP telephony applications and products.
Internet Phone ServiceInternet Phone Service Session Initiation Protocol Telephony.