Yenra Telephone News

TactileTactile Feedback for Touchscreen Interactions virtual buttons on mobile phones feel more like mechanical keys.
AT&T Unity Plan unlimited free domestic calls to and from 100 million wireline and wireless phone numbers.
3DMobile 3D prototype handset with glasses-free display provides real-time stereoscopic presentation of photos, animations, and movies.
FlashCamera Phone Flash universal cameraphone attachment provides powerful lighting to enable quality picture taking indoors and at night.
WiFiWiFi Flip Phone compact clamshell SIP telephone from D-Link will allow users to make calls over the Internet via open Wi-Fi connections.
EmailEmail to Cell Phone Java-based push email client for GSM handsets allows mobile telephone users to receive, send, and delete messages.
SlimSlim Cell Phones feature-rich thin mobile handsets offer digital music playback, megapixel photography, and Bluetooth connectivity.
TesterSignalling Tester network simulation of mobile communication systems enables advanced wireless application development.
SmartphoneMobile Browser for Nokia Series 60 Smartphone platform built using the same core open source software components as Apple's Safari.
Travel PhoneTravel Cell Phones local and international calling combined with live interpretation and concierge assistance for travelers in their own languages.
AccessoriesCell Phone Fashion colorful phones, headsets, and fashionable mobile telephone accessories such as clear pouches with color trim.
PhoneSpeech-to-Text Phone voice input for the dictation of messages, video and still camera, and wireless multimedia and instant messaging.
DMB PhoneDMB Phone satellite multimedia slide and rotation telephone features high resolution color LCD, TV-out, MP3 player, and file viewer.
Horizontal LCD PhoneHorizontal LCD Phone compact Samsung SCH-V600 has high speed CPU and pivotal screen for the display of games, images, and videos.
Firefly PhoneFirefly Phone small lightweight mobile telephone designed for kids with special speed dial system instead of regular number pad.
Speaker PhoneVoice Processor high performance echo cancellation and noise suppression using low power array microphone beam formation.
Mobile RAMMobile RAM high performance stackable devices add advanced video and multimedia capabilities to system and multi-chip cellular applications.
Love HeartAudio Call Screening telephone application service provides privacy features, rescue rings, and transfer from cell to work or home phones.
3D Phone3D Movement Recognition Mobile Phone precision motion algorithm calculates continuous spatial shapes in three dimensions.
BladeThin Cell Phones small, light, and sleek design with long battery life and features such as video capture, color display, and numerous ring tones.
Cordless PhonesCordless Phones twenty-three new VTech models include mini handsets and 5.8 GHz digital telephones with integrated VoIP.
HandsetMobile Phone Manager CDMA version of handset software links cellular phones and PCs for address, calendar, and ring tone management.
Video PhoneBeamer Video Phone device adds visual component to phone calls made over standard telephone connections at no extra charge.
Flower PhonesFlower Phones sunflower seeds in biodegradable mobile telephone case covers that disintegrate in compost and bloom when discarded.
Cell Phone PrivacyCell Phone Privacy strengthened as scientists find way to keep people from listening in on GSM mobile telephone conversations.
Hard Disk PhoneCell Phone Hard Drive Samsung V5400 features MP3 player, microphone, camcorder, megapixel digital camera, and high resolution LCD display.
Cell Phone MemoryCell Phone Memory RS-MMC tiny form factor flash reduced size multi media cards from SanDisk sold with Siemens S65 handset.
Mobile SoftwareCell Phone Software mobile productivity applications include contact and calendar management and email access.
BlackBerry PhoneBlackBerry Phone wireless triband Siemens SK65 integrates Outlook or Lotus Notes e-mail with mobile voice communication.
Cellular One MergeCell Phone Home Base Cradle connects wireless plan to make and receive calls on regular telephones in your house.
LG Camera PhoneLG Camera Phone Verizon Wireless VX7000 features rotating lens, brightness adjustment, zoom, embedded flash, and video messaging.
siemens-phonesSiemens SL65 slider phone with integrated flash camera, zoom video camera, 3D games, business organizer, and selectable ring tones.
Pre-Paid PhonesPre-Paid Phones with strong network of business owner agents, Budget provides unlimited long distance and local home service calling plans.
Nokia Camera PhoneNokia 3220 Camera Phone personalization with ring tones, wallpapers, color schemes, light sequences, and glowing light messages.
TAPI IntegrationTAPI Integration (Telephony Application Programming Interface) eliminates the need for additional external and expensive hardware.
Nationwide Wireless CallingNationwide Wireless Calling for residential and small business customers.
Mobile Landline IntegrationMobile Landline Integration device enables users to receive and place cell phone calls from their landline phone.
RingtonesRingtones service launched with thousands of ring tones from Sony Music Entertainment artists.
Safe Cell PhonesSafe Cell Phones - Anti-radiation cellular phone covers bring technology to fashion.
Do Not Call List ComplianceDo Not Call List Compliance network-based database solution that helps with new federal telemarketing regulations and limits liability.
Music TonesSprint Music Tones include tunes from Beyonce's Dangerously in Love album.
Prepaid RoamingPrepaid Roaming callback solution to supplement CAMEL-2 roaming
Blocking SolutionNo Call List Alternative Blocking Solution technology solution decreases annoying sales calls.
International RoamingInternational Roaming - GSM network facilitates regional and international roaming.
Phone BloggingPhone Blogging - Mobile phone users can now create personal websites using their mobile phones.
Aston Martin PhoneAston Martin V600 Cell Phone from Motorola.
Answering MachinesAnswering Machines - Ameriphone Offers The Easy Recall Answering Machine; Innovative Answering Machine Can Record both Text and Audio Messages.
Smartphone SDSmartphone with SD Slot next-generation wireless and portable solutions.
Real-Time Video Cell PhonesReal-Time Video Cell Phones for movie-quality, realtime videoconferencing.
Java PhonesJava-Enabled Phones - Java Virtual Machine for Handsets.
Reverse Phone BookReverse Phone Book - What to do when you have the telephone number and want to know the name.
Cell PhonesMobile Telephone News - Worldwide mobile phone sales totaled 104.3 million units in the third quarter of 2002 witsh the mobile phone industry exceeding expectations.
AntennaMobile Antennas of the fractal kind are low profile and rugged.
Mobile IPMobile IP intelligent client with CDMA support.
USB Phone ChargerWireless Phone Kit - charge cell phones anywhere from the USB port of your laptop computer.
Do Not CallDo Not Call List Enforcement - Over 55 Million Telephone Numbers Registered - Only 150,000 Complaints in 2003.
PDA PhonePDA Phone Motorola personal digital assistant handset provides multimedia capabilities with programming environment of Java and Linux.

3G - Advanced mobile telephony, including data

Barcode Scanner Phone - Mobile information platform

Call Management Console - Hardware-less IP-PBX integration

cdma2000 1X - New CDMA wireless communication standard

Cell Phone Transceiver Chip - TDMA call-receive and call-transmit functions on one chip

GPS Phones - Motorola i88s Provides Platform for Location-based Applications

Location-Based Services - Mobile navigation location-based software application provides talking directions in and out of the car

Microsoft Smart Phone - Sends and receives wireless calls and provides wireless Internet and e-mail access, music and video storage and playback, downloadable applications, and games

Mobile Phone Headset - Comfort, stability, and quality

Mobile Phone Internet Access - Carrier-grade prepaid data solution

Mobile Web Services - XML Mobile Web Services Standards

Motorola Microsoft Smart Phone - Motorola MPx200 first GSM/GPRS Smartphone with Windows Mobile Software in North America

Multimedia Handsets - Video and Entertainment Applications Development Platform

No Call List Alternative Blocking Solution - Technology solution decreases annoying sales calls

Nokia 3100 Phone - Nokia Phone with Color Screen, Lighting Effects, Messaging, Gaming, and Java

Nokia Bluetooth Cell Phone - Nokia's 3650 cell phone with Bluetooth lets users send photos and videos wirelessly to their computers, printers, PDAs and other cell phones

Number Portability - Switching your wireless service provider without changing your telephone number

Qualcomm BREW - Enhanced wireless data applications and services -- such as games, ringtones, and other entertainment and business applications -- downloaded over the air directly to wireless devices

Telecommunications - Telecommunications : Changing customer needs, new regulatory philosophies, and accelerating technologies

Text Messaging - Interaction between Verizon, Cingular and AT&T customers

Veepers - Mobile Veepers provide virtual personality character creation to cell phones, PDAs and other wireless devices

Verizon Camera Phone - LG VX6000 CDMA handset with embedded camera, color screen, and zoom control

VoIP - Voice over IP

WAP 2.0 Protocol Services - Mobile Internet services based on WAP 2.0 and MMS