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Sentry Safes innovative safe models, most with fire and water protection, secure valuable items and protect against identity theft.
DetectionObject Detection millimeter wave technology uncovers concealed items and pinpoints where they are hidden.
NetworkSecure Network file transfer, central system management, and secure tunnel application connectivity in heterogeneous environment.
PalmPalm Vein Biometric Authentication quick accurate easy-to-use contactless non-invasive device scans difficult-to-forge internal veins.
RadiationPersonal Radiation Detector combined real-time gamma and neutron detection tool is intrinsically safe and can easily be cleaned.
MonocularRugged Thermal Acquisition Monocular low-power, high-resolution OLED microdisplays provide crisp night vision images.
securityWord Combination Lock uses letters instead of numbers to create easy-to-remember sequences that can be reset by owner at any time.
ROVROV - Remotely Operated Vehicles underwater missions accomplished using high-resolution video cameras, lights, and powerful thrusters.
BoardSecurity Acceleration Boards encryption performance for VPN gateways, wireless appliances, routers, web servers, and firewalls.
PassCodeAOL PassCode two-factor authentication system requires both normal account password and current device code.
Stun LightStun Light non-lethal Cobra shield defense product places laser on target and delivers powerful stream of capsaicin 2 chemical.
Smartphone SecuritySmartphone Security device management data protection for handhelds, laptop computers, and tablet PCs from a single console.
Robotic Camera SystemsRobotic Camera Systems options expand with Sony BRC-300 3 CCD color robotic video camera's 1/4.7 megapixels, 12x optical zoom, and remote control.
Camera Phone BanCamera Phone Ban uncalled for because many high-tech consumer devices pose security risks to enterprises
Perimeter SecuritySensor-Based Perimeter Security wireless sensor networks.
Secure ContainersContainer Security with MobileSearch X-ray Inspection System.
Fingerprint DoorFingerprint ID Door Phone to be jointly developed by Honeywell Korea and Hunno Technologies.
Do Not Spam ListDo Not Spam List - There is No National Do Not Email Registry - Yet.
Maritime RFIDMaritime Security RFID - Maritime Security Solutions to be demonstrated at Maritime Security Conference.
MSSMSS : Managed Security Service Enhanced proxy-based intrusion prevention functionality, IPSec NAT traversal, and spam email filtering.
Computer SecurityComputer Security Policies - Security software to protect data on mobile devices in both WiFi and wired environments.
FBI TrilogyFBI Trilogy Network improved computer system provides increased bandwidth and three layers of security.
Chemical AgentsChemical Agent Monitor able to quantify the chemistry of odors, fragrances, and smells in 10 seconds with integrated GPS.
Air DefenseCivil Air Defense surface-to-air missiles to generate 22.6 billion dollars in sale.
Airport SecurityAirport Security - ACLU Welcomes New Airport Security Measures; Says They Must Be Effective, Respectful of Privacy and Non-Discriminatory
Airport Security JobsAirport Security Jobs, Employment - ACLU opposed to new law that airport screeners have to be U.S. citizens

Camera Phone Ban - Many high-tech consumer devices pose security risks to enterprises

Closed-Loop Change Management - Centralized visibility and tighter control over change management process

Advanced Encryption Standard

Biometric Password Manager - Economical Biometric Password Manager for PC and Laptop Users

Biometric Safe - Guest's fingerprint opens hotel room safe

Byte Wars

Computer Forensics

Computer Virus

Duck in a Noose

Electronic Security

FBI Jobs

FBI Reorganization

Identity Management

Types Fingerprints

Home Security

Homeland Advisory

Homeland Security

IMS : Intrusion Management System

Network Camera with Built-In Web Server

Network Intrusion Prevention - Los Alamos National Laboratory Uses Intrusion Prevention Appliance

Secure Messaging


Integration Software for Homeland Security - Integrating government systems and sharing critical information between agencies

Cockpit Security

Part Time Airport Screener Jobs