Yenra Science News

LiquidLiquid Handling Bravo platform offers precision by using high-accuracy pipette heads and is compact enough to fit inside a standard laminar flow hood.
CrystallizationProtein Crystallization Screening Chip integrated fluidic circuit made of clear elastomer for the automated setup of nanovolume experiments.
DetectorX-ray Detector spatial resolution, dynamic range, and real-time data acquisition for diffraction applications in materials science research.
FluorescenceFluorescence Imager X-ray imaging tool for semiconductor metrology and element-specific mapping used with scanning electron microscope.
Cell PhoneChip Speed nanotubes instead of conventional copper wires provide fast way to transmit information in cell phones and computers.
Ion TrapIon Trap fast, sensitive, high-capacity system provides intelligent data-dependent scans for proteomic and metabolomic spectometry.
SpectrometerMass Spectrometer high performance systems provide quantitative proteomics and molecular identification with sensitivity and accuracy.
PipettingPipetting fast, scalable, automated multi channel solution for high precision volume dispensing liquid handling operations.
X-Ray DiffractionX-Ray Diffraction innovative diffractometer supports advanced materials research, elemental analysis, and structural proteomics.
Data LoggerGraphing Data Loggers portable science lab has built-in temperature, voltage, and sound sensors with four ports for fifty more.
China StandardsChina Technology Standards development that has a global impact on manufacturing and marketing to a growing marketplace.
Mobile Data AcquisitionMobile Data Acquisition probe interface supports handheld computers for educational science field trip applications.
Australia Meteor ExtinctionAustralia Meteor Extinction tied to shock-melted core extracts off northern coast that indicate crater from ancient cataclysmic event.
CentrifugeShort Radius Centrifuge artificial gravity project studies the long term effects of microgravity on the human body during long space flights.
Particle PackingParticle Packing study of the random pouring of oblate spheroids has implications for the design of high-density ceramic materials for use in aerospace.
FossilsFossils measurement techniques proposed to achieve standard photographic methodologies for comparing the body sizes of ancient sea creatures.
NanotubesNanotubes emit light individually for the first time, making the nanotube the world's smallest electrically-controllable light emitter.
NanocrystalsShaping Nanocrystals into nanowires, nanobrushes, and nanoscale tripods with electrochemistry to form the building blocks of tiny machines
NanograssNanograss is a specially engineered silicon surface which when electrically charged helps control the behavior of tiny liquid droplets
Nano CMOSNano CMOS pioneers changes in materials, processes, and device architectures of semiconductor performance and density
Basic ResearchBasic Research plan promises dramatic increases in knowledge and scientific achievements over the next two decades
E-ScienceE-Science - global collaborations enabled by the Internet - requiring access to very large data collections, very large scale computing resources and high performance visualization back to the individual user scientists.

DNA Sorting of Carbon Nanotubes - DNA Carbon Nanotube Hybrid Advances Nanotechnology

Nano Particles - Confinement of light with metal nano particles

Nano Wires - Formation of drops that could lead to new methods for making threads, wires and particles only a few nanometers wide

Particle Accelerator - X-ray science advanced with new synchrotron light facility

Research Design Tools - Principles of design applied to the process of experimentation