Yenra Satellite News

SmallSmall Satellites affordable constellations open up new observation, communication, navigation, and space science application opportunities.
Satellite LaunchDIRECTV Satellite elliptical geosynchronous orbit Ku-band and Ka-band payload expands digital and high-definition television services.
SatelliteBGAN : Broadband Global Area Network high-speed circuit-switched and packet data services and voice telephony via small user terminals.
AirshipHigh Altitude Airship communication platform to begin tethered tests to validate structural integrity for operation in the national air space.
Satellite ModemHigh Speed Satellite Modem advanced error correction, diverse modulation schemes, and broad open/closed network operations.
SatelliteSatellite Imaging Ariane 5 launch vehicle successfully orbits European observation spacecraft, microsatellites, and science sensors.
StratelliteStratellite high-altitude telecommunications airship for cellular, 3G and 4G mobile, MMDS, paging, and fixed wireless telephony.
StratellitesStratellites stationed in the stratosphere rather than in orbit provide wireless voice, video, and data services to subscribers
MBSATMBSAT offers audio, video, and multimedia data services to mobile communications users.
Satellite Wireless BroadbandSatellite Wireless Broadband commercially deployed by six Chinese telecom operators
Satellite ServicesCarrier Grade Broadband Satellite Services include high-speed broadband Internet access.
FPGARadiation Tolerant FPGA - Xilinx FPGAS flying aboard Optus communications satellite.
New Sky SatellitesNew Skies Satellites video, telecom, and Internet services throughout the Pacific Rim as well as trans-oceanic connectivity.

Advanced Technologies Group - ATG - Stratsat - ATG Unveils Revolutionary New StratSat - the world's first Stratospheric Mobile Telecommunications Platform


Broadband Satellite Network - Multimedia, Data, Video, and Voice Services to Schools, Businesses and Government Agencies


Satellite Communications - Satellite link between Motorola TETRA Dimetra IP infrastructure and a SATCOM ground station