Yenra Safety News

Sleeping BagsDisposable Sleeping Bag portable, compact, lightweight layered construction using non-woven materials for fluid barrier protection.
Vocal AlarmVoice Smoke Detector personalized vocal alarm more effective at rousing children from deep slumber than traditional tone alerts.
Teen DriverSeat Belts Scholastic and Volkswagen promote public safety by sponsoring persuasive writing contest with educational curriculum and prizes.
BiosensorBiosensors portable multi-use magnetic biochip technology to be used for animal diagnostics, food processing, and environmental testing.
Face MaskChild's Face Mask fits the smaller faces of children with undiagnosed respiratory symptoms to provide barrier protection.
Road BreaksRest Stops can help motorists stay alert as they take regular breaks from driving places easily accessible from the highway.
Trapped Coal MinersFull Story of Nine Trapped Pennsylvania Coal Miners documentary follows the suspenseful story of despair, determination, and rescue.
Fire Suppressant ProjectilesFire Suppressant Projectiles Rapid Attack Fire Fighting Systems
DEETDEET Chemical Formula Insect Repellant Kids Safety Danger Information about DEET-Based Insect Repellents.
Food RFIDMeat Traceability Food RFID - Tracing the origin of food supply, including meat, with RFID.
Kyocera Battery RecallKyocera Cell Phone Battery Recall affecting Model 7135 Smartphones.
Airline SafetyAirline Safety - Flight Attendants Call For Strong New Airline Safety and Security Reforms

Bird Flu - Avian Influenza Strain Identified

Birds from Southeast Asia - Federal Ban Importation Of Birds From Southeast Asia

British Rescue Subs - Exercise Sorbet Royal 2002, a major NATO submarine escape and rescue exercise, was conducted in the Kattegat, Dennmark

Emergency - Researchers developing emergency broadband prototype

Filtration Mask - Filtration Products Order

Fire Extinguisher Placement, Types, Tips - People have more televisions than fire extinguishers

Firestone Tires - Tires Airlifted from Japan

Giant Hogweed - Invasive weed can cause blisters, blindness

Norwegian Divers - Norway's Naval Diving and Special Forces School trains ordinary divers, mine divers and special naval service units

Russian Submarines - Kursk submarine disaster

SCape Chem Bio Escape Hood - Designer and Manufacturer of NASA Space Suit Producing Chemical-Biological Escape Hood

West Nile Virus - Experimental DNA vaccine based on gene sequence