Yenra RFID News

GlobalGlobal RFID Reader EPC UHF platform that support frequency bands for the United States, Europe, and Japan has tag density self adjustment.
VisualizationRFID Visualization Software tag performance displayed in real-time through interactive 3D models color-coded to show RF properties.
CenterRFID Center University of Pittsburgh creates collaboration of researchers and industry partners in the field of Radio Frequency Identification.
SecurityContainer Security Tags cargo clamps communicate real time identity, contents, location, security status, and interior conditions.
TrackingWafer Tracking Java platform controller wirelessly collects and manages real-time data from RFID reader networks for semiconductor industry.
AccessRFID Access Control automatic sensing, identification, validation, and tracking of authorized employees through gated areas.
ChineseChinese RFID consolidated snapshot of manufacturing sites and retailer distribution centers for global visibility of goods movement.
VisualizationRFID Optimization tag placement analysis and pallet readability visualization using interactive 3D models color-coded to show RF properties.
Healthcare TagHospital RFID healthcare single-use active tag real time location positioning system tracks patients from admission to discharge.
WirelessWireless Card Terminal multi-application payment technology with 32-bit Intel processor and integrated RF reader speeds check-out.
LocationLocation Devices Ubisense Smart Space ultra wideband system locates people and objects in 3 dimensions to within 6 inches in real-time.
Library AutomationLibrary Automation RFID facilities as well as e-books, e-payments, and on-line registration supported by Geac's Vubis Smart system.
RFID AirportRFID Airport access control pilot program for security combines proximity card readers with biometric recognition.
RFID InventionsRFID Patents product development technology patterns derived from a thorough analysis and summary of critical inventions.
RFID ComputerWireless RFID Computer super rugged laptop with interrogator, 802.11b Wi-Fi, and audio response and visual display adapters.
RFID RiskRFID Risk assessment profiles of the capabilities and references of consumer product manufacturers who offer implementations.
Secure Smart CardsSecure Smart Cards low temperature injected encapsulation of electronic elements protects against heat, chemical, and physical attacks.
RFID ReadersRFID Readers provide 13.56 MHz RFID interoperability across multiple transponder and proximity integrated circuit chip standards.
EPC UHF Generation 2EPC UHF Generation 2 comprehensive RFID protocol definition for system of chips, tag, readers, computers, terminals, and networks.
RFID EuropeRFID Europe pilot projects and planned IT investments evince deep interest, initially in the tagging of returnable transport items.
Near Field CommunicationNear Field Communication enables interaction between electronic devices for data transfer, secure transactions, and the downloading of rich content.
RFID CattleRFID Cattle solution with multi-directional walk-through cattle-scanning device for the tracking of livestock wearing RFID tags and implantable chips.
RFID Ready PrinterRFID Ready Printer for customers interested in incorporating RFID into their data collection processes in the future, but have current needs for bar coding and label printing
RFID Library SystemRFID Library System installed with Radio Frequency Identification tags and readers
Wafer Thin RFID TagsWafer Thin RFID Tags from Smartag consists of a smart chip and an antenna.
RFID IntegrationRFID Integration testing complete
Product CodesElectronic Product Codes utilization by 2005.
RFID PrivacyRFID Privacy Concerns primer addresses commonly asked questions and misconceptions about Radio Frequency Identification, its applications, and recent privacy questions.
Security BraceletElectronic Security Bracelet uses RFID technology to automatically identify, track, and protect people.
Medical RFIDHealthcare RFID Medical Microchip Subdermal Verichip and new temperature-sensing microchip technology successfully shown.
RFID ComplianceRFID Compliance - RFID readiness steps.
RFID DispenserRFID Transponder Dispenser for automated self service.
Supply ChainRFID Supply Chain execution solution that delivers productivity improvements and real-time inventory and asset tracking capabilities.
Smart CardsRFID Smart Cards - Radio Frequency Identification Smart Tag.
RFID JapanRFID Distributor - Matrics RFID solutions to be marketed in Japan through Marubeni's Mighty Card Corporation.
RFID Gate ReaderRFID Gate Reader - Omron V720 Gate Reader Reads up to 128 RFID Tags at Once in Any Orientation.
RFID ChinaRFID China - China Forms RFID Tag Standards Working Group.
RFID CheckoutRFID Point of Sale Store Checkout test center includes options to erase data to allay privacy concerns.
Locating ObjectsLocating RFID Tagged Objects - RFID UWB Precision Asset Location system.
RFID TechRFID Technology - Radio Frequency Identification Technology Standards.
RFID ConsultingRFID Consulting, technology evaluation, and systems integration company.
PeopleSoft RFIDPeopleSoft RFID solution that enables customers to address Department of Defense and Wal-Mart Standards.
TI RFIDTexas Instruments RFID division expands 13.56 MHz access control product family with new tags and readers.
RF ICsRF ICs - Wireless RF design.
RFID PrintingRFID Printing Smart Label Print Solution for Electronic Product Code.
RFID ConferenceRFID Industry conference on RFID covers smart labels, tickets, cards, and source tagging.
Radio Frequency ScannersElectric Crystal Chip Radio-Frequency Scanners read small electric crystal chips embedded into products to provide up to 96 bits of information.
Integrated RFIDRFID Integrated Circuits - Fairchild manufactures Intellitag RFID integrated circuits.
Subdermal RFIDSubdermal RFID - once inserted just under the skin, the VeriChip is inconspicuous to the naked eye.

EPC Compliant RFID Mandates - Practical, cost-effective implementation of RFID technology in the supply chains of consumer packaged goods, retail, and pharmaceutical industry organizations

RFID Clothing Smart Labels - Benetton Denies Microchip Smart Label Use in Garments

RFID Data Stakes - Geographic surface location identification

RFID Hardware Software Services Market Growth - Market for RFID hardware, software and services will increase from more than 1 billion in 2003 to 3 billion dollars in 2007

RFID Marketing - RFID Market Development

RFID Microsoft - Microsoft RFID Pilot Project with Danish Manufacturer

RFID Store - First RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Internet Superstore

Self Service RFID Tag Dispenser - ATM-Like Machine Dispenses RFID Tags

RFID Test Center - Testing RFID solutions

Smart Cards Market - United States becomes third largest market for microprocessor smart cards in the world

Smart Label Printer - RFID Thermal Printer

RFID is a wireless communication technology that uses radio frequency (RF) waves to transfer data between a tag and a reader. The tag, which consists of an antenna and a microchip, is attached to an actual product or to the carton, pallet or container in which the product is being transported; the reader, which has an antenna of its own, captures data that is transmitted from the tag.

RFID has been called the Internet of Things. Apart from the physical tags, it is more about a network of information about things, especially products. Privacy concerns have been raised about all of this information. These concerns about RFID are being addressed.