Yenra Radio News

AffordableAffordable HD Radio low cost receiver features a line-in input and a scan feature to find either or both analog and digital stations.
ThaliaThalia Radio Show Latin superstar hosts nationally syndicated program on ABC Radio Networks en Espanol.
ShowerAmerican Idol Microphone Shower Radio battery-operated water resistant unit looks like a microphone but is really an AM FM tuner.
SDRSecure SDR programmable chip with non-volatile security encryption protects intellectual property inside a software defined radio system.
PassportXM Passport tiny portable tuner delivers satellite radio to a variety of home entertainment systems, car radios, and portable audio players.
SportscasterXM Sportscaster plug-and-play satellite radio designed for sports fans with presets and streaming data about how to find live games.
Ellen DeGeneresXM Radio Shows for Women Ellen DeGeneres and Tyra Banks part of new programming on lifestyles, pop culture, politics, and current events.
Tactical RadioSecure Tactical Multiband Handheld Radio device with software programmable encryption module and embedded GPS gets top secret certification.
ReGoReGo portable plug and play satellite radio receiver from XAct tunes Sirius, records live programming, and plays MP3 files.
Star MateSirius Star Mate compact satellite radio plug and play transportable unit the size of a deck of cards with both home and vehicle adapter kits.
Streamer GTStreamer GT palm-sized Sirius satellite radio receiver weighs six ounces and has wireless FM transmitter and ergonomic toggle control.
Boom TubeBoom Tube portable aluminum speakers with tubular design and twist-off satellite components for acoustically rich music.
MyFiMyFi XM Portable Satellite Radio handheld has live listening mode and time-shifting memory to store five hours of XM2GO digital programming.
HD RadioHD Radio Boston Acoustics Recepter produces enhanced audio quality, fidelity, reception, and iBiquity digital broadcast information features.
SkyFiSkyFi 2 Delphi XM satellite radio receiver includes pause and replay feature and personalized information delivery.
Stream JockeyPlug and Play Satellite Radio Xact Communications XTR1 Stream Jockey next generation Sirius portable receiver.
Audiovox XMAudiovox Satellite Radio plug-and-play XR9 works with adapters for home and car that allow you to listen to XM on any FM receiver.
Internet Radio ShowInternet Talk Radio shows produced for live streaming in Real Player and Windows Media formats and archived MP3s for later listening.
Radio Base StationOmni Cell Radio Base Station cost-effective solution to support low traffic areas, such as rural areas, mountainous or hilly terrains, and parks.
Ultra Small RadiosUltra Small Radios design includes on-chip antenna, transceiver, processor, and battery with miniaturizing the crystal oscillator ahead.
DAB RadioDAB Radio digital audio broadcasting technology for distortion-free transmission of text, data, pictures, and video.
FSK TransceiverFSK Transceiver with frequency shift keying technology to improve clarity for cordless phones and other wireless devices.
Commander PackCommander Pack Wearable Communications self-contained, wireless system for calls using radio, cellular, or satellite frequencies and PC.
Processor ChipsHD Radio Processor Chips technology allows digital radio signals to ride the same airwaves as analog AM/FM radio signals.
Satellite RadioXM Satellite Radio Reviews - Certicom Solutions Enable Honeywell's Flight Information Service to Provide Secure Content Access to Subscribers
Software Defined RadioSDR : Software Defined Radio wireless operator requirements for future base station architectures.
Modulation AnalyzersAudio and Modulation Analyzers measurements and analysis of radio transmitters and communication systems.
Microwave CommunicationsOver-the-Horizon Microwave Communications data rate of up to eight megabits per second carrying both digital voice and data traffic.
Satellite RadioHome Satellite Radio with Kenwood Satellite Receiver.
Delphi XM RadioDelphi XM Radio wireless audio adaptor, designed for car radios without cassette decks, transmits XM to a vehicle's FM system.