Yenra Programming News

City Planning3D City Planning CyberDome virtual walk-through created with development and deployment platform for interactive 3D content.
.NET RADCustom Software Development RAD environment for Microsoft .NET platform with automation and service-oriented architecture.
XNAXNA video game development platform with a common controller reference design to unify input APIs and button standards.
3D3D programming resources.
Game ProgrammingGame Programming - Colliding billiard balls. Missile trajectories. Cornering dynamics in speeding cars.
Korn Guide BookKorn Shell Script Programming - How to work with this UNIX command interpreter.
Bash ShellBash Shell Script Programming - Bourne Again Shell Assistance.
Software Development ManagementMerant PVCS automation, acceleration, and management of software development initiatives.
Database ProgrammingUnix Shell Database Programming - Automating routine tasks.

Unix Shell Programming Reference - Working efficiently with the mother of all operating systems



Utility Computing

Web Work