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BeretTeam USA Olympics Beret official red, blue, and white headwear worn by Kelly Clarkson voted hottest fashion item at Winter Games.
SecurityWinter Olympics Security Vance Event Integrity solution integrates consulting, crisis planning, physical protection, and threat monitoring.
SkiingSkiing Wind Tunnel aerodynamic training and equipment testing measures dynamic indicators of performance in real time.
Misty MayBeach Volleyball sports apparel maker Nautica sponsors 2005 AVP pro tour with Olympic medallists such as Misty May and Mike Lambert.
Jennie FinchJennie Finch Olympic softball gold medalist and ESPN hottest female athlete engaged to marry baseball's Casey Daigle.
Michael PhelpsMichael Phelps Olympics gold medal swimming champion receives streaming video wireless picture phone upon return to his home town.
CFDCFD Simulation Software engineering computational fluid dynamics for optimizing hull designs under steady cruising conditions.
OlympiaAncient Olympia Greece cultural center develops immersive visualization technology 3d virtual tour of the historic sports city.
Olympic CeremoniesOlympic Ceremonies opening of Athens 2004 Games portrayed the heritage of Greece and the universal quest for knowledge.
SpeedoSpeedo Fastskin FSII red, white, and blue official swimsuit of the 2004 USA swim team modeled by Olympian Amanda Beard.
Olympic Games HistoryAncient Olympics stadium and gymnasium archeological history reveals details about training and performance in Olympia, Greece.
NikeNike Olympic Uniforms designed with zoned aerodynamics, strategic seam placement, thermoregulation, and articulated fit.
SwatchSwatch wrist watch maker with its photo finish technology is official time keeper for the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece.
Olympic Torch RelayOlympic Torch Relay tradition began at the 1928 Olympic Games with the lighting of a torch in Olympia, Greece by the rays of the sun.
LugeOlympics Luge - Panasonic will supply digital electronics to the USA Olympics Luge Team to train for February games.
Olympic Video GameOlympics Video Game Athens 2004 Official Olympic Videogame.
Olympics MusicOlympics Theme Song - George Michael asked to compose music for the 2004 Athens games.

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IKANO network engineers work to ensure the successful deployment of the data network supporting the 2002 Olympic Winter Games.

Preparation for Olympic events extends far beyond an athlete's painstaking conditioning, significant time commitment and emotional involvement. And although Olympic athletes are the focus and most important consideration of the Games, the Games would not be possible without technology.

Today, information technology is critical to the success of any Olympic Games. So, behind the scenes technology partners devote extensive resources, time and effort to deliver the technology solutions that make the Games possible.

IKANO Communications, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, is the Official Data Networking Services Supplier for the Olympic Winter Games and Paralympic Winter Games of 2002. IKANO will provide all data-networking services and accompanying support for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games.

This high-performance Olympic data network will be used to aggregate data and information from Olympic events and then distribute the information to Olympic staff, athletes, officials, the host broadcaster, and the Salt Lake Olympic Organizing Committee (SLOC) Web site.

Information distributed over the network will include event schedules and real-time results, athlete profiles, weather and performance data. IKANO is currently building, configuring, testing, managing and maintaining a data network capable of supporting all the integral technology functions of the Games. The network will be available at all venues, many of which will stage events simultaneously.

Over 900 switches, 120 routers, 150 T1 lines, 11 T3 lines, 12 network management stations, firewalls, cache engines, a few load balancing servers and nearly two years of preparation and testing assure that the IKANO-supported Olympic data network will deliver a gold medal performance in February 2002 during its 17 days of operation.

"The data network services provided by IKANO will be a critical component in our overall Games technology solution," said Mitt Romney, SLOC president and CEO. "We are confident that IKANO will provide reliable and timely network services."

The Network Delivers Data with a Gold Medal Performance

Times are tracked, scores are recorded, and results are posted. Historical information about the athletes is made available to commentators, news agencies, and spectators. Large quantities of printed reports are generated. Weather information is constantly updated and recorded. Accreditation systems are used and security systems are monitored. Support for the data networking equipment that makes all this possible is the prime responsibility of IKANO. After every detail, latency, utilization, fault tolerance, fail-over to backup systems, monitoring, and security have been considered, and once the network is built to meet strict Olympic requirements, the network is ready for the Games to begin.

A Test Run

IKANO installed required data networks at each venue so that systems such as On Venue Results (OVR) and the Commentator Information System (CIS) can shadow the event. During these two test events, IKANO gathered network statistics necessary to verify that the designed network will support the Olympic Winter Games of 2002.

The Final Round

As final touches are placed on the network designs, IKANO engineers will prepare the tools, supplies, and network equipment necessary to install networks at some sixty locations throughout the state of Utah. One by one, each venue network will be built and connected to a grid of T1 and T3 lines that connect to other venues. The operability of each Olympic application will be verified before the data network is considered complete.

To accomplish this task, some 26 IKANO engineers, organized into a series of teams, will follow established procedures assuring that any action taken by any IKANO Olympic technology team will contribute to the success of the data network without leaving it vulnerable at any time.

9-1-1 Response Times

IKANO's data network has an extremely low likelihood of crashing, but in the rare instance that a problem occurs, IKANO engineers are prepared to combat the problem in record time.

While the data network is operational both before and during the Olympic Winter Games, systems must be in place to ensure that the network stays operational. If a failure should occur, IKANO engineers must isolate and solve the problem as quickly as possible. While the primary network may fail-over to a backup network in a matter of seconds, the original problem must typically be corrected in a matter of minutes.


The Olympic Winter Games of 2002 will draw a TV audience of billions from around the world, making it one of the most visible sporting events on earth. For many people, this will be an opportunity to see the performances of some of the greatest athletes that the world has to offer.

For others, this will be an opportunity to interrupt the operations of critical computer systems. IKANO will install several network security systems and have a well-developed network security plan in place. This will require a high level of continuous diligence and expertise.

"The IKANO engineering team has extensive experience building, managing and securing extremely complex networks. IKANO currently supports its own nationwide network and I am confident that the Olympic network will remain secure for the duration of the Games," said Dave Busser, SLOC Chief Information Officer. "We chose IKANO because of its demonstrated expertise in delivering high-performance network infrastructure, built-in redundancy, and its experienced staff."

IKANO is a Full Service Provider (FSP) of Internet networking infrastructure and private-label Internet services. IKANO provides turnkey processes for businesses and organizations wishing to leverage the Internet to enhance communications with customers, employees or members. IKANO is Salt Lake City's only IT supplier for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games.