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LoveSummer of Love Gathering of Tribes in San Francisco 40th anniversary concert in Golden Gate Park on Sunday, September 2.
Chely Wright country singer performs to support organization dedicated to providing entertainment to overseas U.S. troops.
Amy WinehouseAmy Winehouse Back to Black brassy mix of emotive vocals tinged with sly funk and soulful jazz.
Giorgia FumantiGiorgia Fumanti From My Heart Quebec singer performs Canadian National Anthem at NHL All-Star Game.
Gwen StefaniGwen Stefani Sweet Escape Tour Schedule forty-date concert series with Akon and Lady Sovereign begins in April.
Katharine McPheeKatharine McPhee Album American Idol Season 5 Runner-Up January 30 debut includes single Over It.
Julie RobertsJulie Roberts country music singer forms promotional partnership with Schwan's frozen foods.
Hannah MontanaHannah Montana Miley Cyrus performs in Walt Disney Records music DVD concert for the top-rated series video special.
ChristinaChristina Aguilera Back To Basics inventive gritty raw modern take on vintage jazz, soul and blues from the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s.
SeventeenSeventeen Music CD compilation features new music by artists reviewed by producer Billy Mann in the magazine's Indie Beat column.
Honda TourBlack Eyed Peas Honda Civic Tour fan messages and pictures displayed on big screens with fans as correspondents for radio stations.
Dixie ChicksDixie Chicks Taking the Long Way fourteen songs of fourth album co-written by the singers explore both private and political themes.
WolfmotherWolfmother acclaimed Australian hard rock metal band announces American club tour dates in April followed by album release in May.
Piano5 Browns No Boundaries classical piano virtuoso siblings Melody, Gregory, Deondra, Desirae, and Ryan Brown release video dual disc.
Susan HaynesSusan Haynes Crooked Little Heart debut album of Atlanta singer and songwriter released digitally three months before in-store date.
PianistJie Chen rising classical pianist performs works of Bach-Petri, Schubert, Mozart, and Albeniz at Lincoln Center's Alice Tully Hall.
KatelynKatelyn Tarver American Idol Juniors finalist's high energy pop CD Wonderful Crazy debuts as Barbie Diaries star signs with TC Music.
Bee GeesBee Gees Greatest Love Songs legendary pop group's original recordings on a newly remastered CD that features 18 romantic hits.
Cheetah GirlsCheetah Girls melodic rock music and vocal harmonies of Adrienne Bailon, Kiely Williams, and Sabrina Bryan go on tour this winter.
Roger WatersRoger Waters Opera Ca Ira released on two hybrid super audio CDs in Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound at the top of the classical traditional charts.
musicFiona Apple Extraordinary Machine official website launches with artwork and music from third album - song tracks of O Sailor and Parting Gift.
Martina McBrideMartina McBride Timeless CMA top female vocalist produces album consisting of classic country hits such as Rose Garden by Lynn Anderson.
Carrie UnderwoodCarrie Underwood American Idol 4 champion signed to Arista Records with debut single Inside Your Heaven coming out on June 14.
NatalieNatalie Energy Mexican-American singer musician pop-star with her own olive-based cosmetic line goes on tour for a month.
Carly SimonCarly Simon Moonlight Serenade new romantic album released as dual disc with production documentary and exclusive interviews.
OmarionOmarion singer, dancer, and actor went number one with his debut solo album after beginning his career with the hit urban boy band B2K.
Faith EvansFaith Evans urban music sensation's First Lady album reaches second on Billboard 200 and achieves first in sales on the R&B Core Chart.
Stevie NicksStevie Nicks singer songwriter solo artist and member of Fleetwood Mac wll perform Dreams concert at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace.
Alison KraussAlison Krauss and Union Station CD available exclusively at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store with Nashville backstage pass radio promotion.
Miranda LambertMiranda Lambert new singer, songwriter, and performer debuts at number one on the country music charts with her popular first song.
New OrleansNew Orleans Jazz Festival at the end of April, celebration of Louisiana culture and heritage offers music on twelve performance stages.
Ana CristinaAna Cristina Miami latin recording artist will be the first hispanic musician to sing the Star Spangled Banner at a presidential inauguration.
Steven TylerSteven Tyler Aerosmith lead vocalist rock music icon performs live to promote Olympus m:robe music players and cameras at CES in Las Vegas.
Blue SkiesDiana DeGarmo Blue Skies Album debut for American Idol Finalist on RCA Records includes the hit single Dreams and Don't Cry Out Loud.
FantasiaFantasia Free Yourself debut album of American Idol champion produced with help from Missy Elliott, Jermaine Dupri, and Rodney Jerkins.
Christy RomanoChristy Romano greatest Disney TV and film hits features two newly recorded tracks on an enhanced CD containing two music videos.
Variable GuitarLine 6 Variax Modeling Bass 700 variable in-demand sounds range from vintage and modern models to acoustic upright and synth.
My PrerogativeBritney Spears Greatest Hits My Prerogative CD and DVD package contains twenty videos and a photo booklet with linear notes.
Celine DionCeline Dion Lullabies New Day collaboration of love songs and photos by Anne Geddes celebrates birth and life.
Shark Tale SoundtrackShark Tale Movie voice cast and soundtrack artists of the computer animated comedy watch premiere of the film in the Delacorte Theatre.
Amy GrantAmy Grant Greatest Hits CD and DVD with songs and videos from 1986-2004 along with two new recordings and numerous remixes.
Melissa EtheridgeMelissa Etheridge Lucky Live concert tour and DVD CD album with interview and mixed in Dolby 5.1 surround sound and stereo.
LeAnn RimesLeAnn Rimes Lidrock enhanced country music CD with exclusive new songs from upcoming album distributed on fountain drink lids.
Diana KrallDiana Krall jazz pianist introduces great musicians such as Count Basie and Duke Ellington on Starbucks Hear Music label.
Kelly ClarksonKelly Clarkson Breakaway single co-written by Avril Lavigne for Princess Diaries 2 soundtrack given release date by Walt Disney Records.
Smart MusicSmart Music interactive computer-based practice system accompanies woodwind, brass, string, and vocal student musicians.
Fantasia BarrinoFantasia Barrino American Idol winner becomes spokeswoman for vintage clothing brand casual sportswear collection.
UtadaUtada Hikaru Japanese music song writer and singer's debut American record album combines alternative, pop, dance, and funk.
Diana DegarmoDiana Degarmo American Idol runner up double sided debut music single from RCA Records features songs Dreams and Don't Cry Out Loud.
Alicia KeysAlicia Keys Diary and Songbook collection of poems and lyrics coming November 2004 with memoir based on her diaries ready in 2005.
RavenThat's So Raven Soundtrack includes bonus DVD with four music videos and three newly recorded original tracks by the singer actress.
William HungWilliam Hung Record Deal - American Idol Hopeful Signs Recording and Video Contract with Koch Records and Fuse Music Network
KaciKaci tour of Disney musical starlet teen singer songwriter was sponsored by Pepsi, Fuji Film, GGP and Sam Goody.

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Music - Nova Dev Photo

The Greek word for music was used very widely to embrace all those arts over which the Nine Muses were held to preside. Contrasted with the word for gymnastic, it included those branches of education concerned with the development of the mind as opposed to the body. Thus such widely different arts and sciences as mathematics, astronomy, poetry and literature generally, and even reading and writing would all fall under music, besides the singing and setting of lyric poetry. On the educational value of music in the formation of character the philosophers laid chief stress, and this biased their aesthetic analysis. Harmony rather than music was the name given by the Greeks to the art of arranging sounds for the purpose of creating a definite aesthetic impression, which is the current understanding of the word music.

As a mature and independent art music is unknown except in the modern forms realized by Western civilization; ancient music, and the non-European music of the present day, being (with insignificant exceptions of a character which confirms the generalization) invariably an adjunct of poetry or dance, in so far as it is recognizable as an art at all. The modern art of music is in a unique position; for, while its language has been wholly created by art, this language is yet so perfectly organized as to be in itself natural; so that though the music of one age or style may be at first unintelligible to a listener who is accustomed to another style, and though the listener may help himself by acquiring information as to the characteristics and meaning of the new style, he will best learn to understand it by merely divesting his mind of prejudices and allowing the music to make itself intelligible by its own selfconsistency. The understanding of music thus finally depends neither upon technical knowledge nor upon convention, but upon the listener's immediate and familiar experience of. it; an experience which technical knowledge and custom can of course aid him to acquire more rapidly, as they strengthen his memory and enable him to fix impressions by naming them.

Beyond certain elementary facts of acoustics, modern music shows no direct connection with nature independently of art; indeed, it is already art that determines the selection of these elementary acoustic facts, just as in painting art determines the selection of those facts that come under the cognizance of optics.' In music, however, the purely acoustic principles are incomparably fewer and simpler than the optical principles of painting, and their artistic interaction transforms them into something no less remote from the laboratory experiments of acoustic science than from the unorganized sounds of nature. The result is that while the ordinary nonartistic experiences of sight afford so much material for plastic art that the vulgar conception of good painting is that it is deceptively like nature, the ordinary non-artistic experience of sound has so little in common with music that musical realism is, with rare though popular exceptions, generally regarded as an eccentricity.

This contrast between music and plastic art may be partly explained by the mental work undergone, during the earliest infancy both of the race and of the individual, in interpreting sensations of space. When a baby learns the shape of objects by taking them in his hands, and gradually advances to the discovery that his toes belong to him, he goes through an amount of work that is quite forgotten by the adult, and its complexity and difficulty has perhaps only been fully realized through the experience of persons who have been born blind but have acquired sight at a mature age by an operation.Such work gives the facts of normal adult vision an amount of organic principle that makes them admirable raw material for art. The power of distinguishing sensations of sound is associated with no such mental skill, and is no more complex than the power of distinguishing colors. On the other hand, sound is the principal medium by which most of the higher animals_ both express and excite emotion; and hence; though until codified into human speech it does not give any raw material for art, yet so powerful are its primitive effects that music (in the bird-song sense of sound indulged in for its own attractiveness) is as long prior to language as the brilliant colors of animals and flowers are prior to painting. Again, sound as a warning or a menace is eminently important in the history of the instinct of self-preservation; and, above all, its production is instantaneous and instinctive.

All these facts, while they tend to make musical expression an early phenomenon in the history of life, are extremely unfavorable to the early development of musical art. They invested the first musical attempts with a mysterious power over listener and musician, by re-awakening instincts more powerful, because more ancient and necessary, than any that could ever have been appealed to by so deliberate a process as that of drawing on a flat surface a series of lines calculated to remind the eye of the appearance of solid objects in space. It is hardly surprising that music long remained as imperfect as its legendary powers were portentous, even in the hands of so supremely artistic a race as that of classical Greece; and whatever wonder this backwardness might still arouse in us vanishes when we realize the extreme difficulty of the process by which the principles of the modern art were established.