Yenra Medical News

Thin ClientMedical TFT Integrated Thin Client all-in-one dedicated computing device with no moving parts and touchpad suitable for hospital use.
DisplayMedical Color Diagnostic Imaging Display widescreen format simplifies comparison studies with screen space for multiple images.
endoscopyEndoscopic Digital Camera Head coupling mechanism enables enhanced interchangeability of endoscopes within the sterile field.
CatheterAntibiotic Pediatric Catheter Cook's Spectrum Minocycline/Rifampin treated device reduces infections during intensive care unit stays.
Portable RecordsPortable Medical Records USB flash memory device holds a digital file that includes consent forms, treatment history, and doctor information.
UltrasoundPortable Ultrasound high resolution flexible efficient hand-carried system weighs eight pounds and is the size of a laptop computer.
EpikeratomeLaser Eye Surgery surface ablation aided by disposable epikeratome that separates the epithelium from Bowman's membrane.
ProsthesisJoint Replacement prosthesis for patients with extreme forearm wrist pain who lose the distal radio-ulnar joint from injury or arthritis.
Animation Display3D Dentistry technology enables dental professionals to visually explain procedures to patients through tablet display animation.
DefibrillatorImplantable Defibrillators ICD devices monitor the heart to stop rapid, chaotic heart rhythms that lead to sudden cardiac arrest.
Pill CamPill Cam tiny camera diagnostic device with enhanced CMOS image sensor is swallowed to take pictures as it passes through a patient.
SimulationVenipuncture IV simulation system trains clinicians by simulating both the look and the feel of intravenous access procedures.
SuturesSutures surgical endomechanical manufacturer establishes supply agreement with large purchasing group in the U.S. hospital market.
AmbientAmbient Lighting specially designed radiology suite creates a patient-friendly environment for people undergoing medical scans.
Wound ClosureWound Care vascular closure system seals the femoral artery access site after diagnostic angiography, balloon angioplasty, and stenting.
CatheterCatheter computational flow modeling used to design split fixed tip that reduces occlusion, minimizes recirculation, and simplifies insertion.
Health BuddyHealth Buddy 2 home health monitoring facilitates patient education with clinical databases and decision support tools.
Artificial HeartTotal Artificial Heart temporary pneumatic, biventricular, implantable system restores normal blood pressure and cardiac output.
EndoscopeEndoscopy autoclavable high fidelity medical digital camera with operation control from inside a sterile field.
Medical Recording StationElectronic Medical Records TDK DVD CD patient EMR image and results media recording station with embedded DICOM network PC.
Glucose MonitorInsulin Pump Glucose Monitor all-in-one combination blood monitoring system advances ease of diabetes management.
Wireless ECG MonitorWireless ECG Monitor electrocardiogram monitoring system uses two-way radios that facilitate patient mobility and ambulation.
Blue LaserBlue Laser gaussian beam with excellent pointing stability for bioinstrumentation and medical equipment applications.
DiabetesDiabetes Increase worldwide, doubling over next thirty years, with American rate that exceeds prior predictions with obesity increasing risk.
TPN : Total Parenteral NutritionTPN : Total Parenteral Nutrition Windows browser-based TPN System with barcoding for accelerated delivery and improved safety.
Mobile Chest DrainMobile Chest Drain from Atrium is small, compact, lightweight, and has all the features of a standard-sized chest drain.
MRI MachineMRI Machine allows images from the upright patient in the full weight-bearing state.
Doctor Email DirectoryDoctor Email Directory system that triages messages from patients to their doctors improves communication.
Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery less traumatic treatment alternative for chronic back pain.
Medical Symptoms DiagnosisMedical Symptoms Diagnosis - Simple Diagnosis Tool for Children's Headaches.
Robot SurgeryRobotic Surgery minimally invasive surgical techniques made possible by surgeon-controlled, camera-guided robot system.
UltrasoundVoice Activated Ultrasound operates with voice commands.
Warming DeviceWarming Device helps relieve pain and speed up the recovery of soft-tissue injuries.