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TwistTwist New.Brand.Venture Tina Hedges and Beth Ann Catalano leave Jonathan product to concentrate on new brands.
KermitKermit Represents Ford Kermit the Frog presents family with fuel efficient Ford Escape Hybrid SUV on Extreme Makeover Home Edition.
BaseballWorld Baseball Classic 30-second spot identifies players with the countries they will represent in the upcoming 16-team tournament.
Mission ImpossibleMission Impossible 3 Online Scavenger Hunt Super Bowl ad launches interactive clue-finding Global Hunt Ultimate Mission.
CampaignCelebrity Marketing Campaign Hilary Duff, Ciara, Michelle Trachtenberg, and Samaire Armstrong advertise Candie's brand.
AtkinsAtkins Advantage Brand marketing communications firm helps reposition Atkins Advantage with new compelling ad campaign.
AdvertisingAdvertising Calendar publication highlights men and women ad industry professionals from Orange County agencies and related firms.
BrandGlobal Brand Campaign ads for print, outdoor, and in-airport locations will provide four hundred million impressions during the year-long push.
JeepJeep Commander 2006 design-driven commercial spot wraps the vehicle's power and dynamism in the rhythm and pace of a music video.
TwinsDoublemint Twins Wrigley's chewing gum girls nominated as America's favorite icons for Madison Avenue Advertising Walk of Fame.
SubaruSubaru B9 Tribeca other SUVs turn to dust in new national television, radio, print, interactive, direct, and billboard advertising campaign.
AdvertisingHilary Duff Candie's at Kohl's Advertising fall television and print ad campaign will feature the young, trendy music, film, and television star.
Melania TrumpMelania Trump celebrity model makes her acting debut in an Aflac commercial in which she gets duck feet after an experiment.
Customer DataCustomer Data Integration software and services for managing customer or patient data.
Virtual Reality AdvertisingX3D Virtual Reality Displays advertising video clips float inside and up to three feet in the air outside the screen.
Banner AdsBanner Ad Effectiveness - Measuring only click-throughs a mistake because impressions lead to future sales.
Marketing Resource ManagementMRM Marketing Resource Management for managing operational aspects of marketing, including strategic planning.

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