Yenra Gardening News

Rain ChainRain Chain ornamental and functional water flow system from Japan emerges as new design trend alternative to closed gutter downspouts.
Protea FlowersProtea Flowers native to South Africa and Australia are exotic beauties at home in Hollywood Entertainment Community
Botanical Garden EmploymentBotanical Garden at Phipps gets new Director of Horticulture.
Books about GardeningGardening Books for gardeners, botanists, horticulturists, and landscape designers.
African VioletAfrican Violet history and links.
Seed CatalogsSeed Catalogs sources online.
SeedsSeeds - flax oil, blue seed, grapefruit extract, grass and flowers.

Garden Designs - Luis Llenza Garden Designs featured in Architectural Digest

Mini Chromosomes - Technology to introduce multiple genes into plants to improve crops for pharmaceutical, agricultural, industrial products

Oak Trees - Specialists to Move Pico Canyon Oak Tree to Nearby Park with 120 Existing Oaks

Orchids - Unique national park for orchids to be declared in Africa

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