Yenra : Gaming : Online Video Games in China : Gaming company enters a country in which a third of the estimated 120 million Internet users are game players

Cho Shun is a character in the Skreem/Weaver online game

Skreem has entered the China online video game industry through its Korean subsidiary, Weaver Interactive, which is joint venturing with TOM Online to launch their games in China.

With thousands of gamers able to simultaneously join into Skreem/Weaver's virtual world, the market is growing so fast that China has enacted the fatigue system in an attempt to regulate the number of hours a gamer can play each day. Nearly one-third of China's estimated 120 million Internet users are game players.

Blizzard Entertainment's World of Warcraft game (WOW) is an example of this amazing market that Skreem has entered. Blizzard, a division of Vivendi Universal Games, introduced WOW two years ago. The majority of WOW's players are in China.

The dominant foreigners in China's game industry are Korean. Weaver is one of Korea's top-tier game developers with global ambitions, which was recently acquired and funded by Skreem.

Weaver's historical role-playing game can adapt within ninety days to each Asian market's language and culture it enters. The Samgukji/Luanshi Sangui games are based on the well-known Chinese historic figures in the era of the Three Kingdoms, which is taught in schools throughout Asia. Weaver has offices in China and Japan and will be sending teams to enter markets in Taiwan, Viet Nam, Thailand, and India.

The Weaver game team combined historical role-playing with strategic role-playing and created one on the fastest growing online gaming communities in Asia. All the characters in the 2D game with high graphic resolution were created through a 3D rendering process, which allows for smooth, realistic movements. Episode, quest, strategy, and community allow it to expand and adapt at a rapid pace.

Weaver's online gamers utilize their character engagement system for large-scale quests and trading.

Skreem creates multi-platform music and video entertainment content.