Yenra Environment News

UPSHybrid UPS Trucks fifty hybrid electric vehicles join company's fleet of twenty thousand low-emission and alternative-fuel vehicles.
Toyota PriusHybrid Cars Kate Bosworth visits schools with environmental message embossing high-mileage fuel-efficient Toyota Prius vehicles.
PanamaEnvironmental Monitoring Earth science and space-based observations provide early warnings of ecological and climatic changes.
DonationComputer Surplus organization encourages the donation of used technology for use by training and educational groups instead of disposal.
JournalGreen Cars magazine highlights automotive performance, environmental friendliness, energy diversity, and the future of transportation.
Earth DayEarth Day 2004 - zoos celebrate with crafts and games, foundations research the state of the environment, and corporations offer tips.
Cloud ForestsCloud Forests are under increasing threat from factors including agriculture, road-building and climate change.
Power Plant EmissionsPower Plant Emissions - Unhealthy air because of elevated levels of ozone.
Water DesalinationCost of Water Desalination - Research strategy for cost-effective water desalination.
Motorcycle ExhaustMotorcycle Emissions - New standards for the highway.
Tree PollutionTree Pollution - Trees may contribute to ozone problem.
Nanoscale IronNanoscale Iron ultrafine iron particles will flow underground and destroy toxic compounds.

Acid Rain - Decreasing in Northeast

Air Pollution - Haze of Asian air pollution crosses the Pacific Ocean and settles over a large swath of North America

Ballast Water - Scientists tackle international environmental problem

Biosphere Arizona - Columbia's Biosphere 2 Center in Arizona awarded 800,000 dollars by the Bert W. Martin Foundation

Cloud Forests - Threats and Benefits of Conserving Earth's Cloud Forests

Environmental Sustainability - Corporate social responsibility includes commitment to environmental sustainability

Global Climate Change - States Leadership on Global Climate Change

Global Warming - New climate study shows California's vulnerability to global warming

Green Cities - Urban Greening and Land Stabilization

Green Roofs - Cool for summer, environmentalist says

Greenhouse Gas Emissions - Multi-national and multi-sector marketplace

National Parks - Unilever Launches Seventh Annual National Parks Calendar; Features Amateur Photo Contest Winners Encourages People to Experience America's National Parks

Ozone Layer - Human activity raises level of sulfur gas that affects ozone layer, researchers say

Rainforests - Rainforest wildlife surprisingly sensitive to landscape changes - Long-term study reveals dramatic impact of fragmentation

Redwood Trees - Scientist probes fossil oddity

Roanoke River - Nature Conservancy's Roanoke River Preserve one of the country's premier bird habitats

Waste Management - Award for information technology resourcefulness

Wastewater - Waste Water Tutorials : Portable unit created to treat wastewater in remote locations

Water Pollution - Similar Patterns of Ground Water Pollution Found in United States and China

Yucca Mountain - Danger of volcanic eruption damage at a Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository more than believed