Yenra Energy News

Wind BladesComposite Wind Turbine Blades renewable energy center uses specialized engineering software for efficient design.
VoltageHigh Voltage Regulators peak load reduction, conservation, low voltage mitigation, and an interface for distributed energy generation.
TerminalFuel Storage Terminal Milford Haven has over nine million barrels of storage capacity for crude oil, gasoline blendstocks, and jet fuel.
Wind PowerWind Power Farm GE boosts its renewable energy portfolio by investing in twenty-five turbine fifty-megawatt project near San Diego.
PlugUniversal Plug Adapter international mobile travelers now can charge and power their electronic devices anywhere in the world.
WTEWTE : Waste to Energy 180 tons of municipal solid waste yields 6 megawatts per hour of electricity and thousand of gallons of water.
TransponderPower Supply Transponder hybrid management sub-layer status monitoring data over existing Euro-DOCSIS IP network cable infrastructure.
SEPICSEPIC : Single Ended Primary Inductance Converter topology for low voltage applications to power automotive daylight headlights.
OxyridePanasonic Oxyride Extreme Power Batteries cathode materials oxy nickel hydroxide and manganese dioxide improve voltage and current.
DC ConverterInput Converter quarter bricks designed for power requirements demanded by UMTS and CDMA base stations and wireless IP routers.
Notebook Fuel CellNotebook Fuel Cells prototype micro direct methanol system for laptop computers supplies up to eight hours of power per cartridge.
PipelineOffshore Oil Pipeline domestic crude delivered to refinery that processes heavy sour feedstocks to take advantage of widening price spreads.
SimulatorHybrid Vehicle Electrical Simulator Pentium-M based real-time testing of electronic control units with sub-microsecond precision.
ModulesPower Converter ultra wide voltage range input with control and protection features, reliability, and low dissipation for wireless applications.
PhonePortable Generators back-ups supplement permanent units to ensure wireless cell phone network functionality during inclement weather.
Automotive BatteryCar Batteries high performance deep-cycle automotive battery supplies demand for increased electrical power in vehicles.
DieselClean Diesel green technology eliminates particulate emissions as industry helps states meet new fine particle standards.
Clean SourceCompressed Air Energy Clean Source XR features a constantly spinning steel flywheel to power a critical load during a utility failure.
NiMHNiMH advanced nickel metal hydride battery systems for light duty automotive SUV hybrid electric vehicles.
Backup GeneratorBackup Generator ventilation, fresh gas, and power transfer switch important when connecting into home electrical system.
Bug LightYellow Bug Light special coating filters out the UV part of the spectrum to make bulb invisible to flying bugs, so they are not attracted.
Battery BackupBattery Backup high-watt automatic voltage regulation power management software with connected equipment and data warranties.
Efficient DynamicsEfficient Dynamics BMW X5 research car provides ongoing development of electrified drive train technology.
Dissolved OxygenDissolved Oxygen hydropower turbines modernized with environmentally friendly aeration technology to improve water quality.
Direct Methanol Fuel CellDirect Methanol Fuel Cell portable power source creates useable electrical energy through a chemical reaction of a fuel with a catalyst.
Sealed Lead Acid BatterySealed Lead Acid Battery offers the highest power density of any sealed lead audio battery, generating five-second bursts of over 5,000 amps.
Camera Fuel CellsCamera Fuel Cells provide three times the runtime of standard brick batteries, are hot-swappable, and can be refilled quickly.
Cost of Solar EnergyCost of Solar Energy cut with innovative conversion devices
Digital Camera BatteriesDigital Camera Batteries that replace 4 AA batteries and are compatible with more than 50 cameras from Olympus, Kodak and Nikon.
Zinc-Air FuelZinc-Air Fuel all-electric hybrid zinc air bus program.
BiodieselBiodiesel Vehicles will reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Hydrogen PowerHydrogen Power - Stuart Energy and Ford Power Products to Develop Hydrogen Power Systems.
Hydrogen FuelHydrogen Fueled Vehicles - Three-wheel hydrogen-powered vehicles.
Power SimulatorPower Simulator for impedance of grids in the frequency domain or signal power ground waveforms in the time domain.
Nuclear PowerAdvantages Nuclear Power Pros - safe, secure and inexpensive power from newest generations of nuclear reactors.
Electric GridElectric Grid Switches - High-power semiconductor switch for the nation's electric grid.
Gas PricesGas Prices - Energy Commission Says Gasoline Plentiful, Cheaper This Memorial Day.
Fuel Cell VehicleFuel Cell Vehicles - Passenger cars, vans, and transit buses with fuel cells.
Methane FactsMethane Gas Facts - Federal Government's first facility to use methane gas to meet energy needs.
Power Outage CausePower Outage Cause - Cascading disruptions caused isolations of transmission systems.
Wind Energy Power GenerationWind Energy Power Generation renewable power generation facility.
Organic Solar CellsOrganic Solar Cells consist of small carbon-containing molecules instead of the conventional inorganic, silicon-based materials.
Petroleum ReserveStrategic Petroleum Reserve new contracts awarded for continued oil fill.
Generator RelayDistributed Generator Interconnection Relay low-cost utility-grade protection.
Bio gasBiogas - Swedish efforts used to explore and support California use of renewable fuel.
GeneratorsDiesel Generators emergency power generation provided during major electricity outages.
Smart MetersSmart Electric Meters required if there is to be a smart grid.
Saving EnergySaving Energy - Thirty years after embargo, even more dependent on foreign oil.
Electricity DemandDemand for Electricity - Power Plan.
Solar IndiaSolar Energy India - Power for India's rural poor.
Transmission GridTransmission Grid - Dynamically stabilizing voltage to ensure a reliable flow of electricity.
Blackout Power Outage Safety - Duracell provides tips for staying safe in a blackout

Direct Fuel Cell Power Plants - Generate electricity with no combustion

Energen - Enron - Energen Outlines Contracts With Enron

Energy Efficiency - Lowering emissions through energy avoidance

Enron Bankruptcy - Enron Files Voluntary Petitions for Chapter 11 Reorganization

Electrical Safety Switch - 100th Anniversary of Square D Brand

Energy Conservation Tips - Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Fuel Cells - Dow Plans to Use GM Fuel Cells in World's Largest Fuel Cell Transaction

Fuel Cell Backup - Fuel cells provide backup power

Fuel Cell Research - Department of Energy (DOE) award to fund research in advanced fuel cell technology for vehicles, buildings, and other applications

Gas Hydrates - Naturally occurring ice-like combinations of natural gas and water

Green Power - Solar Model Home

Hydrogen Fuel Cells - Government Help Urged in Conversion to a Hydrogen Economy

Methane Hydrates - Cap carbonate contains disrupted and cemented textures similar to modern methane seeps

Natural Gas Policy - Fueling the Demands of a Growing Economy

Niagara Mohawk Power Grid - Niagara Mohawk Restores Power in Upstate New York

Nuclear Disarmament - United Nations Disarmament Commission Ends Session Without Proposals to Advance Nuclear Disarmament, Confidence-Building

Oil Exploration - Gulf of Mexico discovery well successful

Power Grid Protection - Improved electricity transmission options

Power Grid Security - Planning enhanced transmission energy system reliability

Power Switches - Voltage mode controller and power switch element integrated into a single chip

Preventing Blackouts - Blackout Isolation and Prevention Technology

Safe Generators - Tips to keep generators safe

Solar Power on Moon - Getting solar power on the moon

Wind Power - Now is the time to invest in a nationwide wind power program

Energy is essential to the conduct of our modern technological society. Every part of our lives has been transformed by the plentiful supply of cheap energy. Therefore, the ways in which energy is generated, transmitted, stored, and conserved are of the utmost importance.