Yenra Electronics News

NanoimprintNanoimprint Lithography nanoscale electronic devices made by stamping out patterns of wires less than fifty atoms wide.
De-EmphasisHigh-Speed Serial Bus De-Emphasis conversion of NRZ data for FB-DIMM, SATA, and PCI-Express.
nano-CMOSNano CMOS field programmable gate arrays created by combined conventional technology and nanoscale elements.
PMC10Mbit 1553 PMC Module dual-redundant avionics interface for high data rate flight controls, actuators, and electro-pneumatic controllers.
ISIInter-Symbol Interference Board generating ISI for standards testing and to emulate performance of back plane connections.
USBUSB Isolated Relay Output Module high current digital I/O data acquisition unit has lines to drive solid state or mechanical switches.
ShieldingEMI Shielding Gasket form-in-place system dispenses conductive compounds onto intricate enclosures to provide a custom-applied shield.
MultimediaMultimedia Microprocessor high speed 600MHz superscalar 32-bit microprocessor with LCD panel controller for car infotainment systems.
electronicsMotion Control Electronics stepper motor controller ICs with sensorless stall detection improve reliability and reduce complexity.
OLEDsHigh Efficiency OLEDs saturated color emission of organic light-emitting diode for full color display and lighting applications reaches record level.
ConnectorsDisposable Smart Cable Connectors intelligent micro-scale systems improve fine wire terminations of multiple-wire cables.
MobileMobile Electronics entertainment, safety, and navigational product options showcased by Best Buy in fully equipped vehicles this summer.
LED DriverLED Driver state conditions stored in latched serial control of LEDs operating at automotive system voltage and temperature ranges.
System Basis ChipAutomotive Electronics local interface network system basis chip has low current consumption and electrostatic discharge protection.
PhotonicsCMOS Photonics 10G modulator platform integrates high-speed optical fiber interfaces into high volume semiconductor chips.
Thin FilmDigital Signs lightweight display backplanes, sensors, and switched arrays and circuits with high contrast, low power, and thin profile.
ConnectorConnection Systems two-pair version of GbX connector platform offers high performance and a small footprint for space-constrained systems.
FPGAEmbedded Processor Xilinx Virtex-4 FX12 FPGA device with embedded Power PC triples performance with low power consumption.
XilinxXilinx Automotive FPGA feature-rich next-generation field programmable gate array logic cells priced below structured ASICs.
X10X10 Starter Kit automates lights and appliances through a computer's USB connection and home control system software.
EncapsulationElectronics Encapsulation Reaction Assisted Molded Process protects elements with an injected thermoset polymer.
WiFi Touch PanelWiFi Touch Panel Control IP mobile audio video distribution and wireless lighting, temperature, and security operation.
Magnetic SwitchingMagnetic Switching physical limit of the upper speed of recording on magnetic media such as hard drives found to be lower than expected.
Printed Plastic TransistorsPrinted Plastic Transistors including semiconductors, conductors, and dielectrics for flexible roll-up television screens and computer displays.
Power ChipsPower Chips openly customizable microprocessor that in future for optimal performance may physically reconfigure to adapt to applications.
Digital Voice RecorderDigital Voice Recorder for recording audio with stereo microphone designed for interviews and a high-capacity removable memory media card.
Pluggable TransceiversPluggable Transceivers to be demonstrated at Optical Fiber Communication Conference will lower cost and power consumption
Electronic CircuitsElectronic Circuit Schematics Diagrams Hobby Projects Design - Links and books about electronic circuits
SpintronicsSpintronics - Manipulating the quantum spin of electrons.
Electronic KitsElectronic Project Kits are a cool, inexpensive way to learn about and have fun with electronics.
CDR MediaCDR Media Review - SmartDisk Announces Co-Marketing Agreement with Memorex SmartDisk MVP software on Memorex media spindles.
Gallium TransistorsGallium Nitride Semiconductor Transistors - Record Breaking Power Output for GaN RF Power Transistors
IC DesignIC Design - Integrated IC packaging design and signal integrity solution.
Phase Lock LoopPLL : Phase Lock Loop for High Frequency PLL Market.
Voltage IsolationDigital Voltage Isolation Low-Cost Signal Isolation in High-Temperature Environments.
Boundary ScanBoundary Scan IEEE 1149.4 analog mixed-signal application board, controller, and graphical software measurement environment.

ADC : Analog-to-Digital Converter - Analog-to-Digital Converter : High performance for advanced signal processing applications

Caller ID - NovCom announces the release of Cognitel, the first PC telephony answering system that identifies callers through speech recognition with or without Caller ID

Carbon Nanotubes - Nanotubes Produce Ideal Photon Emission

Convergent Digital Entertainment - Integrated Set-Top Device Combines TV, Email, Web Surfing, Karaoke, DVD CD MP3 MPEG-1 MPEG-2 MPEG-4 Playback, and Local and Networked File Storage

FPGA : Field Programmable Gate Array - Field Programmable Gate Array : 6 Million Xilinx FPGAs in a Single Quarter

Home Automation Networking - Annotated resource and product links

HyperTransport - High-bandwidth chip-to-chip communications

IBM Thin-Silicon SiGe Bipolar Transistor - IBM develops new power-saving transistor

Macintosh Printers - Lexmark releases Mac printer drivers

NanoCap : Nano Composite Advanced Particles - Magnetic tape storage capacity increases

Nanowire Film - Films of tiny, high-performance silicon nanowires applied to glass and plastic

Panasonic Multimedia Technologies - Ubiquitous networking in the areas of mobile communication, business communication, and home networking

Pinnacle ShowCenter - Digital Bridge from the PC to the TV

OSPA : Optical S-Parameter Analyzer - Passive Optical Device Characterization Market

Used Test Equipment - eBay Listing and Selling Service