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MayaUnsweetened Maya Hot Chocolate and Bar heart-healthy luxury single-origin Colombian beans with no sugar substitutes.
WhitmanWeight Watchers by Whitman's Chocolate real milk, sugar, and nuts in combinations and portion sizes that accommodate the Flex Plan.
Haute ChocolatLuxury Chocolate 500 dollar Haute Chocolat served in rare Rosenthal porcelain demitasse cups designed by artist Piero Fornasetti.
Chocolate ShowChocolate Show fashion collection, tastings, demonstrations by top pastry chefs, activities, cookbooks, and holiday gifts.
Chocolate BerriesChocolate Berries for Valentine's Day result in 20% of a six million dollar business with 350,000 shipped in just one week.
Chocolate Truffle RecipesChocolate Truffle Recipes - the Ghirardelli Chocolate Cookbook by Ten Speed Press contains recipes for chocolate truffles.
Dark ChocolateDark Chocolate Reduces High Blood Pressure study adds to growing list of positive health attributes for the beloved food.
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