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CompanyExelixis biotechnology company developing novel therapeutics with integrated gene-to-drug platform webcasts research development day.
BiotechBiotech California campaign promotes the bio-pharmaceutical industry life sciences research community of the San Diego area.
KitAdenovirus Purification rapid protocol uses ion exchange membranes to give full access and recovery from the charged adsorber surface.
ProteomicsProteomics prespotted anchor chips for gel and MALDI expression reduce sample preparation time and improve tracking.
Cloned CatsPet Cloning chromatin transfer technique pre-treats the cell of the animal to be cloned to remove cellular differentiation molecules.
Biotech StocksBiotech Stocks sluggish in June as fears about the economy and global security are putting a damper on investor appetite.
Cancer Treatment Drugs from the SeaCancer Treatment Drugs from the Sea - Fresh evidence points to marine bacteria as source of anti-cancer drug
Fish OilFish Oil Good for Heart because fatty acids in the fish block dangerous irregular heart rhythms.
Human CloningPros and Cons of Human Cloning debated in National Academies Report.

Biomedical Testing - High Resolution Cell Imaging Technologies

Biotech Threats - Rapid biotechnology development brings dangers

Biotechnology Ethics - Regulation, Ethical Discussions, and Scientific Developments

AIDS vaccine - Effective in animal studies and holding promise for humans

Cholesterol - Eggs have a lipid that lowers cholesterol absorption

Human Genome Array - More than 1 Million Probes Analyze Expression Levels of Nearly 50,000 RNA Transcripts and Variants on a Single Array the Size of a Thumbnail