Yenra Beverage News

Sports TabletSports Drink Tablet portable electrolyte hydration for athletes lessens fatigue, muscle cramps, and lactic acid build-up.
PomPOMx Concentrated Pomegranate Antioxidants research confirms health benefits that come from the fruit's diverse range of phytochemicals.
MariahMariah Carey Pepsi top female singer will write and record original ringtones for Cool Tones and Motorola phones promotion this summer.
ProgrammableProgrammable Beverage Containers surface buttons on the bottles release colors, flavors, fragrances, and one or two doses of caffeine.
ChaiChai Latte rich aroma of stimulating black tea, milk, and spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, clove, ginger, and pepper sets romantic mood.
EnergyDiesel Energy Drink caffeine, gaurana, ginseng, vitamins B and C, and seven energizing amino acids fortify flavorful nutrient beverage.
Hot BeveragesHot Beverage Maker Kraft Braun Tassimo system brings coffee house beverages home with taste and variety at the touch of a button.
7UP PLUSFruit Juice Calcium Soda Desperate Housewives stars launch cherry and island fruit flavors of 7UP PLUS, a refreshing source of calcium.
Flip BottlesOne-Handed Flip-Top Bottles easy to carry, open, close, and store containers with slender profiles fit backpack pockets and standard cup holders.
Can TabsPromotional Can Tabs colorful laser-incised beverage container engravings promote brand identity, advertising, and marketing messages.
SodaSlimming Soda pink grapefruit and guava weight management soft drink speeds up metabolism and balances blood glucose levels.
WaterWater Purification attempts to improve quality have had negative results for household piping systems and what comes out of the tap.
TeaOrganic Tea certified natural full-leaf black, green, red, and white varieties packed in biodegradable infuser bags within reusable tins.
Can TopCan Top Advertising Advercan layered plastic label keeps top clean with a protective seal while reaching innumerable consumers.
Brita Water CoolerBrita Water Cooler refrigerated and heated office style with cold and hot tap temperature control and 3-gallon capacity bottle reservoir.
Grape JuiceConcord Grape Juice Health Benefits proanthocyanidins antioxidant quantities listed in USDA research database report.
Mary Kate AshleyMary Kate and Ashley Got Milk Mustache advertisement with Olsen twins designed to help teens get more calcium.
Personal Vending MachinesPersonal Vending Machines from Home Depot can hold 64 12-ounce cans and can be customized with sports logos.
Hydrating BeveragesHydrating Beverages research shows all beverages without alchol, including caffeinated beverages, are hydrating.
Soft DrinksSoft Drinks of cola satisfy hunger as well as orange juice or 1 percent milk - new data challenge a common misperception.
White TeaWhite Tea has three times the polyphenols, the potent cancer-fighting antioxidants, of green or black tea.
Brita FiltersBrita Water Filters new smart pitcher makes the hydration habit easier than ever.

Food - Bread, herbs, cake, cheese, chocolate

Beyonce Knowles Pepsi - American Music and Film Sensation Beyonce Knowles Joins the Pepsi Family; New Pact Includes Creative Ad Collaboration and Potential Tour Sponsorship

Clustered Water - Increasing the absorption of water into the body

Dr Pepper - Dr Pepper Unveils 2003 Business Growth Plan at San Francisco Bottler Meeting

Personal Vending Machines - Maytag SkyBox Personal Vending Machines at Home Depot

Tea - Dutch study links tea drinking to reduced heart attack risk

Vanilla Coke - Coca-Cola Launches Vanilla Coke

Water - Dartmouth professor finds no scientific evidence for benefits of 8 glasses of water a day

Red Tea - Celestial Seasonings Natural Teas