Yenra Astronomy News

EnceladusEnceladus Saturn Moon Water color coded image from NASA's Cassini spacecraft shows geysers spurting from near-surface pockets.
Aviation SimulationFlight Simulation Graphics desktop software for high-orbiting and long-range aerospace vehicle component modeling and visualization.
Supply ChainInterplanetary Supply Chain research for development of logistics architectures needed for human and robotic space exploration.
Deep ImpactComets Deep Impact mission will drive even more traffic to NASA's Web portal, already burdened by the endurance of the Mars rovers.
Rings of SaturnSaturn's Rings composition explored by Cassini's ultraviolet imaging instrument and by its visual and infrared mapping spectrometer.
PhoebeCassini Flyby of Saturn Moon Phoebe provides images with a thousand times better resolution than existing photographs.
Infrared TelescopeInfrared Telescope complex high-resolution multi-mode imager and spectrometer reveals complex motions of ionized gas.
Allen Telescope ArrayAllen Telescope Array will help measure the density of the very early universe, the formation of stars, and magnetic fields in the interstellar medium.
Most Distant GalaxiesMost Distant Galaxies - Hubble space telescope provides deepest portrait of the visible universe ever achieved
Laser Guide StarLaser Guide Star system helps astronomers minimize the blurring effects of the Earth's atmosphere
Europa Jupiter MoonEuropa Jupiter's Moon - New impact crater measurements demonstrate that europa has a thick ice shell.