Yenra Art News

ColorColor Language technology translates human descriptions of color into numerical codes machines use to print color documents.
GracelandGraceland Painting Thomas Kinkade's art honors 50th anniversary of Elvis Presley's home purchase.
LandscapeModern Landscape Artists art exhibition presents spatial relationships through a topography of perspectives in paint, paper, ink and wood veneer.
ArtistAustralian Artist Margi exuberant multi-layered kaleidoscopic works of art displayed at the National Arts Club in New York City.
IceIce Painting vast abstract paintings by Canadian artist Gordon Halloran on large ice surfaces have the quality of transparent marble.
MuseumJepson Center for the Arts experience gallery for children incorporates works from the Telfair Museum's permanent collection.
ExhibitDouble Take Art Exhibit Impressionist and Post-Impressionist masters paired with modern and contemporary works in Seattle.
Color ManagementColor Management display technology for the convergence and coordination of home theater and digital imaging in consumer electronics.
InvestmentArt Market prices heading for record highs by November 2005 according to index calculations based on repeat auction sales.
Anime3D Anime Software Manga art and animation package includes base figures and thirty different Aiko 3 items and textures.
King TutKing Tut treasures return to the United States as museums in Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale, and Chicago host Tutankhamun exhibition.
Stained GlassStained Glass artist Ken Toney re-lights ceiling decoration for Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport terminal after twenty years of darkness.
Getty ImagesGetty Images adds creative photography and conceptual image collections, broadens royalty-free selection, and increases regional content.
Spiderman KissSpiderman Art auction for painting by artist Alex Ross of the title sequence of Spider-Man 2 includes famous kissing scene.
How to Draw MangaHow to Draw Manga instructional books help aspiring artists emulate the styles, storytelling, and artistry of Japanese Anime.
SeuratSeurat Exhibit Chicago La Grande Jatte among 40 works by the artist along with paintings by his friends Monet, Renoir, and Pissarro.
Art BusinessArt Business behind the scenes look at the role of artists, collectors, dealers, curators, critics, connoisseurs, and conservators.
Artistic BeautyArtistic Beauty essay from the Ninth Discourse of Sir Joshua Reynolds discussing beauty as an object of art
Buddhist FilmsInternational Buddhist Film Festival debuts at Los Angeles County Museum of Art.
Spanish DrawingsSpanish Drawings exhibition of rare works at the Getty.
Aims of ArtAims of Art by William Morris from Signs of Change, 1888
Art's SakeArt for Art's Sake - Oscar Wilde, L'Envoi, 1882.