Yenra Animal News

RestraintDog Car Restraint Harness pet travel products protect pets and people to make travel safe, enjoyable, and convenient.
Body WashPet Body Wash natural, gentle, organic, pH balanced all-natural shampoo for pets with antioxidants, proteins, and vitamins.
AutomaticAutomatic Litter Box scoop-free disposable cartridge system offers no-touch convenience with no emptying or refilling for thirty days.
ClubDog Club Internet viewing, wellness center, obedience training, indoor heated swimming pool, monitored play, and a grooming salon.
DVDDoggy Daycare DVD for Dogs cinematography and sound effects help alleviate symptoms of separation anxiety and loneliness in pets.
Song SleuthBird Song Identification device combines digital signal processing and directional microphone technology with birdsong recordings.
Cat HealthCat Health Problems testing for FIV and FeLV, feline immunodeficiency and leukemia viruses, should be part of initial kitten health checks.
WholphinBaby Wholphin only known whale dolphin hybrid combination gives birth to healthy calf at Sea Life Park by Dolphin Discovery in Hawaii.
Steve IrwinSteve Irwin Crocodile Hunter performs on stage to highlight wildlife conservation with Australian animals at Aussie Travel Expo in Los Angeles.
Pet AdoptionPet Adoption national fall weekend event at Petsmart seeks to bring 16,000 adoptable pets into loving families.
Pet RestaurantCat Cafe Meow Mix pet restaurant serves wet food pouches to felines and provides catnip toys while pet owners dine on comparable dishes.
Panda BearsPanda Bears new habitat will include a slide for the pandas to roll down, cool rocks, and foggers that will create a cooler, more natural area.
Pet MakeoverPet Makeover kit includes dental care, grooming, exercise, and nutrition guide with contest entry for pet-friendly trip for two.
ChimpsChimps links including Jane Goodall site and books on chimpanzees
Dog Sled RaceDog Sled Race in Anchorage, Alaska prepared for by high school senior is dog-friendly, with stops for rest.
Fire Ant ControlFire Ant Control guidelines for preventative protection of family pets and information about a non-bait granular product.
Pet MicrochipPet Microchip differences make it important for you to check the scanner capability of your local shelter to ensure your pets have correct identification tags.
SpidersSpiders have silk that is stronger than steel and the material is being studied by the U.S. Army.
Toronto Zoo Tiger CubsToronto Zoo Tiger Cubs of the endangered Sumatran variety will be named by winners of an auction.
SwansMute and Whooper Swans - Friends of Animals work to relocate swans at Parker River National Wildlife Refuge.

Animal Scents - Facial glands produce distinctive odor compounds

Bee Communication - Some bees communicate the location of food with dances in their hives and others leave scent trails from the food source to the nest

Bird Feeders - Order bird feeder kits online

Bird Houses - Order bird house kits online

Cats - Intelligent and reasonable animals

Dinosaurs - Ancient animals

Dodo Bird - Origins and isolation

Dog Health - Helping your canine

Dolphin Watching - Intrepid Travelers Help Local Japanese Fisherman Protect Dolphins

Food Animal Antiobiotics - Global policy on animal growth promotion antibiotics

Freshwater Fish - Fish species information and technical hints

Jaguars - Wild jaguar photographed in Arizona

Penguins - NASA Sensor Discovers Hundreds of Thousands of Antarctic Penguins in Trouble

Pet Air Travel - Virgin Atlantic carries cats and dogs

Pet Travel - Pet travel safety tips

Ponies - Links and resources