Yenra 3G News

MultiMulti-Band Radio Module tri-band WCDMA and quad-band GSM EDGE subsystem designed around a single-chip CMOS RF transceiver.
3gHSDPA Phone 3.6 Mbps mobile broadband transmits data at speeds up to seven times faster than that of WCDMA for multimedia downloads.
3G3G Cellular Infrastructure dual mixer and VCO synthesizers combine IF amplifier, switches, and local oscillator drivers into single devices.
WiFi PhoneWiFi Phones mobile users seamlessly switch between GSM-GPRS-CDMA cellular networks and Wi-Fi wireless local area WLAN hotspots.
Baseband3G Baseband IP platform for multimode GSM, GPRS, EDGE, WCDMA, and HSDPA communication sub-system chipset designs.
MXCMXC Mobile Extreme Convergence miniature platform equips electronic products to become fully functional smart mobile cellular devices.
PhoneIndoor Wireless Coverage adaptive 3G-ready in-building solution for seamless connectivity of next generation voice and data applications.
Nokia Video PhoneNokia Video Phone Series 60 Smartphone platform software enables two-way person-to-person communication.
Mobile CPUMobile CPU with six pipelines and a structured custom methodology enables diverse multimedia content in smart phones and PDAs.
Advanced Cell PhonesCell Phone Features such as high resolution cameras and GPS navigation and location services propel sales growth.
3G Phones3G Phones platform provides browsing, provisioning, downloading, messaging, synchronization, and mobile location services.
3G CodecSpeech Codec 3G CDMA2000 variable-rate multimode wideband standard for interoperable multimedia services across networks.
EDGE 3GEDGE 3G high-speed wireless data technology to provide wireless customers with an array of next generation services and applications.
3G Testing3G Testing simulation of real-world network conditions in a lab environment for precise control of signal levels under load.
Java 3GMobile Java enhanced content and secure communications for 3G handsets based on wireless industry technology standards.
OMTPOpen Mobile Terminal Platform defines standard application interfaces to help provide consistent user experiences across different devices.
Mobile EntertainmentMobile Entertainment WAP 2.0 services content management, central repository for data, and multimedia delivery across multiple devices.
3G Singapore3G Singapore radio network controllers, circuit core expansion, and indoor, outdoor, triple mode, and metro site base stations.
3G Infrastructure3G Infrastructure high performance ceramic and plastic RF LDMOS 2 GHz amplifier transistors with a library of modeling and simulation tools.
1xEV-DV1xEV-DV cdma2000 solution delivers advanced multimedia services and high-speed Internet to 3G cell phones, PDAs, and other mobile devices.
Mobile Phone WalletsMobile Phone Wallets identification system offers cross platform support for GSM, CDMA, 3G, i-Mode, and Blackberry handsets.
Pakistan 3G3G Pakistan expanding and upgrading CDMA wireless network with next-generation mobile services such as high-speed Internet access.
3G Price3G Price pressure on cost of base stations, controllers, microcells, picocells, and other equipment deployed in 3G wireless networks.
CDMACDMA Research initiatives to accelerate innovation and adoption of Code Division Multiple Access technology.
Mobile MultimediaAdvanced Mobile Multimedia processor enables software implementation of high-quality applications for mobile electronic devices.
China 3G3G China coverage of CDMA network expands with equipment, software, and services for Shandong, Hubei, Inner Mongolia, and Shaanxi.
IMAInverse Multiplexing over ATM IMA devices for carrier-class CDMA2000 wireless base station controllers with transmission convergence.
3G Greece3G Greece mobile data applications including games, news alerts, sports and leisure information, and location-based services.
Multimedia MessagingMultimedia Messaging with sound and text multiplexed in a file format for playback on wireless handsets.
UMTS TDDUMTS TDD dual-band devices that allow global roaming for laptops and PDAs on mobile broadband networks.
Multi-Chip MemoryMulti-Chip Memory Toshiba 1.8V package with burst mode capabilities for next-generation cellular phone applications.
3G Australia3G Australia network infrastructure, planning, optimization, and operations for fast data rates and high capacity by Nokia for Vodaphone.
3G Norway3G Norway Siemens Mobile chosen by NetCom to install GSM and 3G/UMTS mobile network radio base stations and core equipment.
MMS InteroperabilityMMS Interoperability between 3G and CDMA built as groups meet to promote the exchange of Multimedia Messaging Service messages.
3G Malaysia3G Malaysia next-generation wireless broadband network with multi-megabit performance beginning with the Klang Valley region.
UMTSUMTS: Universal Mobile Telecommunications System with multi-standard base stations and application server for packet video streaming.
UMTS NetworkUMTS Network software provides united visual picture that lets engineers see problems as they occur, including holes in RF coverage.
EDGE PhonesEDGE Phones Enhanced Data for GSM Environments high-speed wireless technology increases data speeds for wireless data access from laptops or phones.
Video ConferencingWiFi UMTS Video Conferencing uses iPAQ and PC-based VoIP and full-motion video communication over both WiFi and UMTS-based networks.
Pocket CinemaPocket Cinema video for mobile phones.
Low Power Wireless ModemLow Power Wireless Modem reduces mobile application power consumption, improves processor performance, and enables the integration of more features onto a single chip
Secure Content DeliverySecure Content Delivery accompanies expanded SMS and MMS messaging services
Digital RF ArchitectureDigital RF Architecture wireless chip design cuts cost and power consumption of transmitting and receiving information wirelessly.
GSM PhonesGSM Phones receive the first monolithic CMOS power amplifier for the GSM/GPRS market, reducing both board space and component count.
HSDPAHSDPA : High-Speed Downlink Packet Access is a packet-based data service that allows fast data transmission through the use of adaptive modulation coding.
Universal Navigation SwitchUniversal Navigation Switch integrates 3G, WLAN and high-performance IP packet transmission for mobile operators to quickly respond to changing mobile business environments
GSM GPRSGSM GPRS Cellular System Solutions for current and next-generation digital cellular handsets.
Wireless TestingGSM EDGE WCDMA UMTS Mobile Phone Wireless Testing PXI-based general purpose wireless test systems.
3G Application Services3G Application Services - Symbian integrates latest 3G technologies for 2.5G and 3G mobile phones and services.
Verizon 3G NetworkVerizon 3G Network - Fast Wireless Data with National 3G Network.
3G Call Speed3G Video Call Speed reduces video call setup time, decreases stack memory footprints, and facilitates portability to various platforms.
Mobile CommunicationGSM : Global System for Mobile Communications - GSM Network Upgrade.
GSM GPRS NetworkGSM GPRS Network - Cellular One announces Nokia GSM/GPRS upgrade.
NEC 3G PhoneNEC 3 3G e616 Handsets offer person-to-person video, audio and video streaming, video recording and playback, GPS, and Internet.
Text MessagingMobile Messaging - Global Text Messaging Network.
Wireless.NET Wireless baseband processors and software infrastructure for enterprise applications.
3G CDMA Infrared3G CDMA Infrared communications capabilities for mobile handset manufacturers using the Infrared Data Association IrDA specification.
3G Video Mobile Phone3G Video Mobile Phone Motorola A920 with full-color widescreen.